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Cannes 2012 : Frieda, Aishwarya & Sonam’s looks

29th May 2012

I don’t usually do celeb postings like this but hey they just looked too HOT and deserved some Asian Fashion Journal love.

Micheal Angel

Pacco Rabanne

Versace Atelier (my fav look)

Looking lovely in this floaty Cavalli number

Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla sari

Ellie Saab gown

Alexander Mcqueen gown

Naheem Khan

Dolce & Gabbana

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Hermes: Leather Forever

25th May 2012

This exhibition is an absolute gem and as you’d expect from Hermes it’s wonderfully indulgent and witty.

The first room you enter is a candy shop of skins in a rainbow of sumptuous colours- visitors are invited to touch the luxurious skins and are surrounded by the rich smell of leather. Having the skins in the first room re-emphasised the company’s ethos that at the core of the brand is leather of the highest quality. Hermes respects the luxury fabric by insisting that traditional techniques are used by skilled craftsmen to hand- make all their products in their Parisian workshop. (One of the last houses to do still do so)

We got a glimpse into this process as two craftswomen were sat making a bag, it was a definite highlight- seeing an infamous bag come to life.

Other highlights included the giant neon Kelly bag installation by Alexandra Plat which housed several styles by the brand and the equestrian room which was filled with sand and had saddles and boots suspended around the room.

The last room showcased the brands way of celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Hermes created four one of kind bags representing England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland which were auctioned on-line be Hermes 14th May. All proceeds went to the Royal academy of Arts. The bags were presented at the exhibition in the centre of a small mock up theatre, such a fab way of presenting the styles.

The heritage, the history, the craftsmanship and ultimately the leather are all lovingly presented in this wonderful exhibition. If you do get a chance over the weekend do pop down! Closes 27th May, 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1

I wasn’t allowed to take photos so these are from Wallpaper

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OPI Love: Red lights ahead…..where?

23rd May 2012

Summer is here! About time. I’ve always loved hot weather, everything always feels better with a backdrop of blue skies and sunshine. My summer ready rituals always start with a pedicure from Sonali. I used to work around the corner and still regularly pop in for my eyebrows and nails. Pedicure’s start from £30 and after they’ve buffed, scrubbed and massaged your feet, the therapists expertly paint away to perfection with their extensive range of OPI and Essie colours. I was in the mood for red and the new Holland collection by OPI caught my eye. The names are as daft as ever- gouda gouda two shoes, wooden shoes like to know it, I don’t give a Rotterdam to name a few! My fav red was the- Red lights ahead….where?

Here’s a few pics of my pedicure with my OFFICE gold gladiators. Ok, so I’m still working on the creative picture taking! Please bear with me I can only get better, I just thought I had to add my own pics in so you could see how they worked with my darker skin tone.

Images other than my feet are from

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Pakistan Bridal Couture Week: Traditional Reds

16th May 2012

I’m still pouring over the lush pics from PBCW and thought I’d put a post together on all the beautiful traditional red wedding outfits…..Again I’m loving the Mehdi pieces!

Images courtesy of Shahid Malik

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Pakistan Bridal Couture week: Mehdi

15th May 2012

There were so many gorgeous collections on show at PBCW but I am ALWAYS drawn to the softer colour palettes and it was Mehdi’s dreamy designs were my favourites. I love the sheer layers, soft neutral colours, delicate embroidery and embellishment and the chic high collar detailing.

Pics courtesy of Shahid Malik

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L’Oreal Professionnel: The Royal Wedding 2012 collection

12th May 2012

I was flicking through Grazia India (love the fact I can buy the latest issues on Itunes!) and I came across L’Oreal’s new ‘Wedding’ collection. The name’s are ohh so romantic -Sculpted Tiara, Vintage Embrace, Sea Shell and Swirling Sands as are the descriptions but the actual styles? I’m just not loving them, maybe I’m just too safe and need to be more adventurous? What do you think?

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Thakoon for Nars: HOLI collection

11th May 2012

Yum, Yum, Yum love the vibrant shades in the Thakoon for Nars collection. Inspired by Indian spice markets these high impact hues will get you in the mood for summer (even if the sun isn’t quite shining yet!)

I’ll be getting the Anardana, Ratin Jot, and Lal Mirchi not sure I can work Amchoor but it is gorgeous.


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A weekend in Capri and Amalfi!

10th May 2012

A few piccys from the gloriously sunny and ohhhh soo beautiful Capri and Amalfi Coast! Three days just wasn’t enough

For the best handmade loafers and sandals in Capri head to Antonio Viva’s, his little workshop/shop has made it in to Vogue, Elle and Harpaar’s Italian shopping guides!

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Label Lust: Dareen Hakim Interview

03rd May 2012

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dareen Hakim’s clutches they are the perfect fusion of chic silhouettes with a touch of Middle Eastern flavour. I caught up with the creative force Dareen to get more of an insight into the oh soooo beautiful brand.

Describe the brand in one sentence?

Chic. Bold. Unexpected.

What’s the story behind the label?

The story started about 2 years ago, after a career on Wall Street in finance and general management. I had just finished an MBA at Harvard Business School and was anxious to pursue my goal of starting my own business one day. My father is an entrepreneur, my mother is an entrepreneur, and I always wanted to create something of my own. My true passion has always been in design and fashion. I love it, I live it and I breathe it… it makes me happy and takes me to a world of beauty and creativity. And I wanted my business to be centred in this world, so that I would wake up every day excited to start work, never get bored, have resilience and sustenance, and therefore the strongest drive and chance of success. The Dareen Hakim Collection is my own creative outlet to explore and express all of my passions and inspirations.

From the inscriptions on some of the clutches it’s clear your Lebanese heritage is integral to the brand’s aesthetic. Please expand on its importance to your work.

My culture is a big part of who I am and a major influence on my designs. Growing up in Lebanon, I was surrounded by Lebanese culture and history, ancient traditions, sensual poetry, music and art, yet at the same time experiencing the interlaced impact of modern architecture, contemporary design and concepts, freshness and openness to introductions of Europe. This mix was and has been so inspiring, along with the “live life to the fullest” attitude that embodies the lives of the Lebanese people, which is another attitude to living and experience new and unexpected things. It’s motivating and the energy behind my designs as well as the inscriptions. This is embodied in the signature Le Icon Collection, where artisanal inscribed metals are set against modern luxury leathers to create a unique piece of art you can wear.

Describe your design process

I am always looking for new inspirations to expand and mould my brand aesthetic. As a designer, you have to continue to come up with new ideas and find new inspirations, to create drama and complexity throughout your designs. We are supposed to introduce beauty in a new way, in a way that people have not seen before. That is what I love to do. I am inspired through so many outlets; such as strong, independent, female style icons, my travels all around the world, the metropolitan lifestyle of NY, etc. It is not always at one time or place, it really does occur at the most random moments…I search for things that resonate with me (shapes, memories, colors), and those that stick with me somehow always tie back to my heritage because that’s what’s most instinctual. As I recording all these nuggets of inspiration, the design comes together in my head and I sketch away for hours sometimes… just watching the combination of the silhouette, the leather, the metal, the message and the creation blend together. It’s so satisfying!

What have been your personal highlights for the brand so far?

There are many challenging moments when starting your own business. But it is also those challenges, and getting over the bumps, that is so thrilling and keeps me going. Seeing the small wins, and then the bigger wins, and knowing it all stems from personal drive, hard work and passion, is incredibly motivating. Of course, being in our 5th season, distributed across 30 countries and carried by celebrities such as Eva Longoria, are all wins for the brand, but my personal highlights: I love my team… they make me want to wake up to their happy faces every morning. And importantly, there’s really nothing more I love than hearing, reading or seeing a smile from a customer who’s enjoyed one of my bags! It’s precious to know that I’ve touched their day in the smallest way and brought them “happiness” “laughter” or a smile, for which the world will smile back at them … as per my handbag inscriptions.

What are your future goals for the brand?

I would like to continue to evolve the line and bring our statement handbags to women across the world, making them feel chic, strong, deep and boldly beautiful! We are expanding into new silhouettes, both smaller and larger, and interpretations of our concept to build on the signature pieces such as our Le Icon and Le Capri. I am also looking to expand into new categories, but when it’s the right time and the right place. I’m really enjoying this phase for now!

What tips do you have for any budding designers establishing their own brands?

Although it’s a hard road to travel down, it is worth every minute of it. Not every day is easy, or a success, but I truly love what I do and don’t consider it a “job”. It’s those small successes that drive me each day … a husband asking me to send an inspiring note to his wife with her bag, a fan across the world telling me she saw my bag on 3 people at a wedding she attended, a proud parent telling me “you did it” … each little win is a step forward in this journey, and the bigger wins are just the cherry on top. My best advice is to follow your heart because that’s what you’ll be best at… and to find people who support you unconditionally. With those two elements, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

And finally which handbag is on your arm today and what’s in it?

The newest addition to our line, Le St. Tropez in Lavender, with its beautifully embossed Ostrich leather and signature gold hammered metal. I love this color. It’s a neutral but with a fresh hint of spring, and goes with absolutely everything! Today I’m wearing it as a shoulder bag, but later on I’ll tuck in the chain and use it as a clutch for dinner with the girls.
What’s in it? … My life, haha! My Blackberry (sorry no, not an iPhone!), wallet, makeup, keys, sketch book, sunglasses, receipts, gum, business cards, band aids, a little sunglass tool kit (!) … it just keeps getting more random. Most importantly, a picture of my baby girl Mila, who keeps me strong and positive & brings me happiness and good luck every day!

Many Thanks to Dareen and Katie!

(There’s free shipping on all on-line orders before 13th May!)

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Norman Parkinson’s India Series British Vogue 1956

02nd May 2012

Some fashion shoots are timeless and this series by the late Norman Parkinson still looks as fresh and exciting as it did in 1956! ENJOY

Images Tasveer Arts

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