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D.I.Y Wedding Favours- Orange & Cardamom biscuits

29th June 2012

If you’re looking for a simple homemade favour idea for your wedding- here’s an option to consider- Orange & Cardamon (Elachi) biscuits presented in a pretty D.I.Y box.

What you will need:

125g plain flour, 125g Butter, 75g Caster sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 6 Cardamom pods, pinch of baking soda, Zest of 1 orange

1) Beat together sugar, butter and vanilla till pale and fluffy

2) Open cardamom pods and crush seeds with pestle and mortar. Add to butter/sugar/vanilla mix along with the orange zest

3) Sift the flour and baking soda into the bowl and then mix into a soft dough.

4) Place in a covered bowl in the fridge for an hour

5) Roll out the dough until 2cm in width- then get using biscuit cutters cut the biscuits and place onto greaseproof paper

6) Bake in the oven for 15-20 mins and then cool on a wire rack.

7) Once cool dust with icing sugar.

This made approx 25 medium size biscuits-you can always halve the size of the biscuits and use smaller boxes if you want to reduce prep time and costs.

biscuits 1

biscuits 2

biscuits 3

biscuits 4

I’ve used a plain white box and added two sheets of pink tissue paper inside the box and three biscuits.

To make the box more interesting I glued two sheets of tissue paper across the lid and then using some lace I had tied it into a bow. You can always add a name tag onto each box so it doubles up as a favour & name place.

biscuits 5

This recipe is adapted from a recipe published in The Times

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Karishma Shahani Khan: Katha S/s 13

27th June 2013

The thing with living in London and blogging about Asian Fashion is that I miss out on soooo many exciting events in India! The fashion weeks especially! and one show that I really would have liked to attend was Karishma Shahani Khan’s S/s 13 show. I’ve profiled her graduate collection- ‘Yatra’ and her A/w 12 collection ‘Chauraha‘ previously and her s/s 13 Katha collection is another must share. She is a master of print and colour and her latest Ramayana inspired hand drawn prints are just stunning. Her prints are combined with intricate surface embellishments and embroideries and breezy silhouettes. Enjoy her latest lookbook and collection detail pics…

KS_Katha_Invitation Emaileranother invite for an event I couldn’t go to : (

Katha 1

Katha detail


Katha 2

Ka sha the printing press

Katha 3

Katha 4

karishma shahani

katha 5

Images Karishma Shahani Khan Facebook

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Bridal details at ‘Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week 4’

27th June 2013

I was kindly given FROW seats at the recent ‘Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week 4’. I didn’t think there were enough designers showing (there were 21 showing, several of which were lawn textile collections) for me to do my usual trend report. So, I’ve decided to put together a Bridal details/highlights report instead.


Headwear came in the form of fascinators, elaborate Matha Pattis and stunning Mughal inspired pieces and made an interesting change to just seeing a draped dupatta covering the head. SRA’s headwear pieces were beautiful and the showstoppers piece made a huge statement.

Headwear 1L-R Bombay Stores, Gul Ahmed Textiles & Waseem Noor

Headwear 2L-R SRA- Sara Rohael Asghar The show stopper’s headpiece definitely made a statement. The head piece in the far right pic was my fav and the back detail was as pretty as the front.

Trailing hems

As I’m not so familiar with Pakistani fashion I don’t know if the trails at the back of the garment is something that’s been around for a while or not. I’ve picked out a few trailing hems which really were quite long. SRA had even added an extra flounce piece to the hems to add even more length to the garment.

TrailsL-R Naurangg by Uzma Shah & Moeezza Rabbani, Rana Noman & Rizwan Ahmed

Trails 2L-R SRA, Surrekham- Shehla Shaharyar, SRA


Some rich velvet bridal pieces were shown in a few collections. I like the regal and luxurious tone the fabric brings to the pieces.

Velvet 2L-R Rana Noman & SRA

Velvet 1L-R Bombay Stores & Naurangg by Uzma Shah & Moeezza Rabbani

Dip Hems

I know dip hems (shorter at the front- longer at the back) have been around for a while and here’s some of my fav examples for PFW4

dip hemsL-R Naumeen Afreen, Rizwan Ahmed & Tasmiya

Back Details

The highlight of being on the front row was noticing all the details and there were some pretty back details. The split backs at Tasimayah and Zeeshan Bariwala and I loved Rana Noman’s sari blouse back detail (screams Bipasha Basu doesn’t it?)

Back details 1L-R Rana Noman, Rana Noman & Rizwan Ahmed

back details 2L-R Shakir Designs, Tasmiyah & Zeeshan Bariwala

I’ve got to finish my post with my favourite piece from PFW4. It’s by Nauman Afreen and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. The tone on tone embroidery was just so yum and that delicate shade of grey with a flash of fuchsia all made it so elegant. (yep I want it! Lol )


Event produced by: Riwayat LTD London
Head stylist: Huma Tahir
Make up by Taniya Khan
Hair by Reena & Sonya
Photography by Shahid Malik

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Sonam Kapoor’s looks at Raanjhanaa & Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Promos

22 June 2013

Hot off her OMG Vogue India June cover, Sonam continues to give fab fash at recent Raanjhnaa & Bhaag Milkha Bhaag promos. Whether its ethnic, western or fusion she just knows how to work it and is my favourite Bollywood style icon. I’m not just crushing on her outfits there’s some ohhh so chic hair and make up styles too- I will be adding them to my bridal hair inspiration board! Which is your favourite look?

Sonam Kapoor, Raanjhanaa, Bhaag Milka Bhaag, L'Oreal, India, Fashion, Sari, Shehla Khan, lace,

Sonam Kapoor at Raanjhanaa Promos wearing Shehla Khan

Sonam in Shehla Khan- great blouse

3 sonam kapoor shehla khan raanjhanaa promos Sonam in Shehla Khan- would love to see a clearer pic of this outfit- its so pretty

4 Sonam KapoorLOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chic up-do

5 Sonam Kapoor

1 Sonam Kapoor Ritu Kumar Raanjhanaa promosSonam in Ritu Kumar

6 sonam Kapoor Anamika Khanna Raanjanaa promosSonam in Anamika Khanna and earrings by Amrapali

7 Sonam Kapoor

8 sonam-kapoor-anupama-dayal-amrapaliSonam in Anupama Dayal

9 Sonam Kapoor SailexSonam in Sailex- love the pretty back detail

10 Sonam Kapoor

Ok so the only thing needed is for someone to style Dhanush! (maybe Ranveer Singh’s new stylist should get in touch!)

Images from Sonam Kapoor Facebook and Instagram

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D.I.Y Wedding or Engagement Cake Stand

21st June 2013

As I mentioned in an earlier post I added a few craft-y touches to our engagement party and here’s one of them- my D.I.Y Cake Stand. I’m rather proud of my stand and loved the fact no one could tell that it was made from a lampshade, 3 plastic plates and 2 wine glasses.

I didn’t take pics as I made the stand (DOH!) so I don’t have the best step-to-step pic guide but hopefully my commentary will be clear enough.

D.I.Y Cake Stand The Asian Fashion Journal

I bought three different sized plastic plates, a set of wine glasses (used two) and a two tiered lamp shade all for £40 from TKMaxx (TKMaxx home-wares section is fab)

D.I.Y Cake Stand 1

Yep, here’s the lampshade- it was originally a two tiered lampshade- I cut off the smaller tier so only this big base was left. (make sure you buy the right size plate to fit onto your lampshade base.) I then cut out the beads from the smaller discarded lampshade tier and kept them to one side.

D.I.Y Cake Stand 2

Using a glue that bonds glass to plastic, I glued the wine glasses upside down in the centre of the plates. Once all layers were glued together, I glued a strip of draught excluder (you’ll find this in a hardware shop and use the 1cm wide excluder) around the bottom edge of the top and middle plate. I left the glue to dry overnight and then sprayed the stand with two coats of primer and then two coats of metallic finish silver paint.

D.I.Y Cake Stand 3

Using some florists wire I had (cut to approx 8cm long) I bent the wire into a U shape, threaded the beads I’d kept aside and stuck them through the draught excluder in even intervals. You don’t have to do this last step but I do think it finishes off the look.

Hope you liked! the tutorial

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M.I.A – ‘Bring the Noize’

19th June 2013

The lady is back…’Bring the Noize’ her first track from her new album ‘Matangi’ has been popping up all over music blogs

and my opinion on the track? I loveeee it (yep that’s about as in depth a music review you’ll get out of me!) The new track just makes me think its been tooooo long since she released some new material and as you can see from below I’ve been on youtube watching my favourite M.I.A videos! Here are my favourite 5.



Bucky Done Gun

Bad Girls

Jimmy- yep I’ve even included her mash up of Disco Dancer’s “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” – gotta love it

Videos Sound cloud & Youtube

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Friday Fives: Atsu Sekhose A/w 13

14th June 2013

Sometimes its all about the eye-candy! and I spotted these serious eye- candy pics on Vogue.In this week- ‘Atsu Sekhose’s- tribal ballgowns’. Just like the wow- Project Renaissance set out to do, Atsu has created this stunner of a collection inspired by fabrics, colours, weaves and embellishment from his native Nagaland.

Vogue India 1

Vogue India 2

Vogue India 3

Vogue India 4

Vogue India 5

Images Vogue.In

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Riwayat announces line up for Pakistan Fashion Week 4, 8th & 9th June @ Grand Connaught Rooms

6th June 2013

Ohhh I’m excited! The final line up for Pakistan Fashion Week is out & hats off to organisers Adnan Ansari & Chris East for getting these great designers over to London. I can’t wait. I know there are only a few remaining tickets left for the event which you can get at the Riwayat site

8th June 2 p.m- Gul Ahmed Textiles, Waseem Noor, Moazzam Abbasi, Surrekham by Shehla Shaharyar, Kundan House, Nauman Arfreen

Zainab Chottani Bridal Couture Week 2013 OnitaaYum pic from Zainab Chottani Bridal Couture Week 2013 show, what a talented lady! pic from Onitaa Facebook

8th June 7 p.m- Sara Rohale Asghar, Bombay Store, Nauranggby Uzma Shah and Moezza Rabbani, Erum Khan , Sharik Textiles, Zeeshan Bariwala

Rizwan AhmedRizwan Ahmed’s stunner of a collection ‘A midsummer nights dream’ at Riwayat’s show at the Alchemy festival- wonder what he’ll show this weekend! Pic from Shahid Malik

9th June 2 p.m- Bani D, The Pink Tree Company, Moon Textiles, Ego, Shahkir, Designer, Lakhany Silk Mills

9th June 7 p.m- Nikki B presents Parvesh Jai, Rizwan Ahmed, Tasmiyah, Zainab Chottani, Rana Noman, Zaheer Abas.

rana nomanRana Noman posted this beauty on facebook, how regal!


Facebook: http://www.facebook/

Event Site:

Riwayat site:

Venue: Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-­‐65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5DA UK

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My D.I.Y Engagement Thank you cards

6th June 2013

23 May 3

For my engagement party I ended up getting a little creative. I made a cake stand, some tissue paper floral centerpieces and the thank you cards. I thought I’d post some tutorials on how I got on and here’s the first- the D.I.Y Thank You cards. They were super easy to make, inexpensive and I enjoyed creating them.

thank you cards 1 I bought a plain pack of 50 A5 cards and envelopes from hobbycraft for £5.99 (I think that’s the right price) and a single gift wrap pack from WHSmith for £2.99 (again, I think that’s the right price) I then drew my love bird shapes onto tracing paper and traced over the images onto the plain side of the wrapping paper

thank you cards 2 I even traced the thank you writing so I’d get a similar look on each card.

thank you cards 3Then I glued down the love birds, traced the thank yous and then glued some sequins onto the card. (I just used whatever I had in my sewing box)

thank you cards 4My card making factory!

thank you cards 5There was some ribbon in the gift wrap pack so I glued a piece on to finish it off.

and that’s it all done


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Shaana Levy & Uraaz Bahl’s wedding

3rd June 2013

I think I’m still feeling soppy after my engagement party as I don’t usually post wedding pics! but when I saw these pics from Shaana Levy’s wedding to Uraaz Bahl I had to share them. Shaana looks so natural and elegant in her Sabyasachi lengha and statement jewels. It’s a really toned down look for an Indian bride and that’s the reason I love it.

shaana levy bahl wedding

shanna levy bahl wedding 2

shanna levy bahl wedding 3

shaana levy bahl wedding 3

Aashni & Co in London have this lengha in stock as well as a rose and mint version both are beautiful and the intricate thread & pearl work is spectacular.

Update 27th August

The dream team at The Wedding Filmer just uploaded Shaana Levy & Uraaz Bahl’s dreamy wedding highlights titled ‘Happily Ever After’ Enjoy!

Images: Sabyasachi Facebook

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