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Kallol Datta and Rimzim Dadu @ Fabric of India exhibition, V&A

Tuesday 21st October 2015

During the preview of Fabric of India exhibition @ V&A I spoke to the talented Kallol Datta and Rimzim Dadu about Indian Fashion and Textiles. It was great to hear their thoughts on the contemporary scene. I hope you enjoy the post : )

Kallol next to his provocative Suicide Print Sari

How did you get involved with the exhibition? And what are your thoughts on it?

RD: Divia one of the curators approached me (and other designers) in 2010 so they visited our studios, our archives, our techniques and they were really interested in what we were doing and it’s finally materialised here today. An exhibition like this is much needed because it documents the vast and great heritage of Indian textiles and shows it to a wider audience.

KD: Five years back the team from the V&A came over to India for an exploration trip, they came to the studio we had a chat, they looked through the archives and they kept coming back – for instance to fashion week. That’s how the relationship started. I think its a great exhibition and it’s nice how they’ve taken a slightly more academic route and I like that its been presented this way because you’d expect a lot of people would expect to see a stereotype of Indian fashion.

RimzimRimzim with her leather Ikat piece

Talking of stereotypes how would you describe contemporary Indian textiles/ fashion scene to someone who isn’t familar with it?

KD: I guess with India and its not just with fashion/textiles -it’s with every creative industry…every two hundred miles there’s a different state, the language differs, the way people look, the way they dress so for example Rimzim is Delhi based and I’m in Kalkota, so the crafts used by Kalkota designers is very different to Delhi designers and that makes it interesting because its very difficult to pin point and I think there are three /four of us exhibiting here that when we started off six/seven years back we all pretty much either studied abroad or had some work experience abroad and then came back so it was an exciting time for Indian Fashion- it was more contemporary, we were focusing on harnessing the now, our work was an immediate response to our environment and there was no need to self flagellate- that you know just because we are Indian we have to delve into Indian textiles so there’s not been a conscious decision to be this way it’s been more instinctive amongst my generation.

RD: Suddenly there is this great textile revolution in India. In the last couple of years everyone is appreciating things we have previously taken for granted so there is this revolution with people trying to revive crafts and textiles- like ‘save the weavers’ and it was something that we took for granted and it did die out in the middle but now there is more awareness. It’s thrilling to be a part of this new textile movement. For example this Ikat weave (referring to her piece in the exhibition) I have a team of traditional Ikat weavers but they are not used to weaving with leather so it’s something that I’ve had to teach and develop with them and in turn we are then creating something completely new.

Lovely video featuring Rimzim Dadu made by new stockist Indelust

What are your thoughts on the future of Indian fashion? do you think it will have more of a global prescence or with such a huge domestic audience there is no need to look to outward markets?

KD: We have 1 billion ppl to penetrate into their minds so that’s the priority and with a lot of us we stopped looking at the west or even the east as in Japan for success formulas. We are all trying to come up with our own levels of what success means to us and what makes us happy. All areas of the arts are evolving, there’s a great live music scene- original compostions, the contemporary arts scene has never been more exciting. We are still being shaped aesthetically by what’s around and we continue to push the stereotypes of Indian fashion.

Kallol’s last answer sums up the real shift in contemporary Indian Fashion. Designers like Kallol Datta, Rimzim Dadu, Rahul Mishra and Pero are all working in an organic way, getting influences by their heritage around them but at the same time are not dictated by them. They are not afraid of pushing earlier boundaries and coming up with something completely new and fresh. Rimzim’s leather Ikat is a perfect example. Using a traditional technique in a completely different way and for a non traditional garment. These designers know and respect the large, evolving, multi faceted audience at home and as you can see they are busy designing for them. I’m really glad that the Fabric of India has highlighted their work and I continue to enjoy watching and blogging about this exciting, dynamic, evolving industry.

For more info on the exhibition and to book tickets- V&A

As always the V&A host a series of accompanying talks & events alongside major exhibitions. I’m looking forward to attending their latest – V&A’s Fashion in Motion: ASHISH on Friday. Ashish will present a retrospective of womenswear and menswear from across the last decade. Tickets are free and limited and need to be booked in advance


Image Credit: Pics- The Asian Fashion Journal, Video- Indelust

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Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 Day 1: Guest Blog Post by VIVALUXE.COM

19th March 2015

It’s Lakme time again! I’ve been pouring over the yumminess over social media and while I can’t report from the shows in person I’m pretty glad to be bringing you the next best thing…A Guest blog by the VIVALUXE.COM team. VIVALUXE.COM is a new luxury e-tailer that brings Asian Designer Wear to a global audience. With the ohh soo chic Maheep Kapoor as fashion director the site’s edit promises big things (There are some more A-list names joining the site in the coming weeks) I will bring you more info on the site in a later post but for now enjoy their Guest Blog Post for me on Day 1 @ Lakme!

Fashion, fun and flower-power: A day in the life of LAKMÉ FASHION WEEK SUMMER/RESORT 2015
By Rea MM, VIVALUXE.COM for The Asian Fashion Journal.

Sabyasachi at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 (2)

Unless you’re a sartorial Scrooge; I think we can all agree that any LAKMÉ FASHION WEEK saunters into our lives like a mid-year Christmas, full of goodies giftwrapped painstakingly by designers to create their delicious new collection! This year though was particularly anticipated as LFW celebrated its 15th year and certainly did not leave the best for last, as the event opened offsite with Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s collection Big Love where he gave a new fashionable dimension to the saree! So, coffee in one hand and notepad in the other, the only way to take on this celebration of creativity is to head in with all guns blazing. Be prepared to have your brain, your instagram and twitter all work overtime for the next 5 days, as the sheer variety of colour, influences and drapes all vie for your top spot!
After a series of seriously intense model scouting days and fittings, inspirational Sabyasachi’s collection Big Love premiered at an unconventional venue – the fabulous rustic grounds of Richardson and Cruddas Mills in the heart of Mumbai.

Sabyasachi at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 (4)

The ramp was a never ending 200 x 20 feet, with high-tech multi laser lights, roving drone and camera mounted on gantry. It was the ultimate backdrop for a high-octane event worthy of a 15th year anniversary with the crème de la crème of the city in attendance as one of the best designers in India opened the celebrations with a spectacular show.

sabya 1

It was love at first sight for the audience as they witnessed a stunning presentation featuring 62 models and 105 outfits. One of the most sought after designers in the country and around the globe; Sabyasachi unleashed a collection of resort wear that paid tribute to the 70’s decade, which Sabyasachi adores. The designer revisited the era and showcased it with his distinct signature touches and recreated the power dressing period with unisex flower-power, long maxi-dresses, Lennon-esque sunglasses and heaps of glittery fabric. It was refreshing to see a shift from his usual bridal wear, and the enthusiastic applause at the end shows we’re not the only ones who think so! His eternal muse Rani Mukherjee and other Bollywood big shots like Kajol, Deepika Padukone and Sridevi were all present to show their support.

sabya 2

Back onsite, the 9th floor of Palladium Hotel had been transformed into a beachy haven. The grassy outdoors are now commandeered by bamboo-built bars and crocheted hammocks – lending the space an earthy vibe. They’re perfect for gathering on between shows too! Exposed bulbs hang down from jute rope, and come 6:00pm, they light up, illuminating the pretty faces and prettier clothes with a romantic yellow glow. Live DJ sets keep the stylish crowd pumped, and you can refuel yourself at the food stalls dotted along the premises.
Today saw the unveiling of collections that focused on Indian textiles, such as those by Vaishali Shadangule and Krishna Mehta, whose breezy drapes and mix of indo-western silhouettes made for an interesting watch and interesting shift from the usual glitz of Asian styling.

Designer Vaishali Shadangule

Vaishali S

Masaba’s innovative launch on instagram scores her brownie points for originality as one of the most popular and trendy young designers in India presented her colourful line first on popular social media platform, Instagram.

Masaba for Instagram at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 (1)

Finally, never failing to disappoint, Manish Malhotra proved his mettle as both, designer and humanitarian yet again, as the Blue Fashion Runway raised awareness for Gender Inequality. The peaches, creams and blues complimented the stunning metallic embroidery that featured on all his garments, with the off-shoulder white number being a particular favourite of ours:

Manish LFW15 backstage


Manish LFW15 backstage 2


Manish LFW15  blue 5

Manish LFW15  blue 6

Manish LFW15  blue 7

What a day, folks, what a day!

Many Thanks to VIVALUXE.COM for the post!

Image Credit: VivaLuxe.Com, Lakme Fashion Week Twitter & Elle India

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My Top 10 Asian Bridal Shopping Tips

6th February 2015

I’m sure regular readers and my twitter followers will be expecting today’s post to be on the recent AH-MAZING Aashni & Co wedding show + my guest appearance on BBC London’s Jo Good show. But as I’m still suffering from a dirty ole cold- it’s this bridal post that’s been in my pending box that’s going out today!

Vogue india bridalImage Credit: Vogue India…still love this editorial!

Bridal shopping can be exciting and fun but on the flip side it can be overwhelming and confusing too. So here’s a few tips that might help…


I’d say the first thing to do is to set a budget for all your bridal outfits. And make a list of how many pieces you need. Be flexible within your budget. It’s tempting to break down your budget-allocating certain amounts to different occasion outfits but it doesn’t always work like that. I had in mind that I’d spend around £2k for my reception gown and I ended up buying a gorgeous Varun Bahl gown for £750.


Wherever you decide to do your shopping do your research. I did my wedding shopping in Mumbai and yep I already had a heads up on where to go because my blog is all about Indian fashion and I’m an avid reader of Indian fashion magazines. So getting a basic list was easy enough but I still carried on asking family and friends for recommendations. I also read a lot of Indian wedding blogs and that’s how my list doubled. I made sure I had each store’s address, telephone number, opening times and price range. Even when we were in India we’d ask for further recommendations. We bought a couple of gowns from Sonaakshi Raaj (I heart her work) and she told us to visit Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor’s store as we were still looking for my sister’s mehndi outfit. And bingo that’s where we got my sis STUNNING lengha from.


It’s great to have an idea of what you’d like to wear. I know so many brides who create a scrap book or pinterest boards on outfits they like. BUT does it mean those styles suit you? For both my Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra  lenghas – I had to be made to try them on by my mum and my sister. I wasn’t keen on either of them on the hanger – neither were what I had imagined I’d wear. but when I wore them it was a different story- I loved them both. So be open minded and try different styles & colours.


Take your bridal shopping seriously. There may be hangers on that want to join you- because for them its a fun day out! but for you its another opinion that you might not necessarily want. I shopped with my mum and sister and they know me and I trust them- that’s why when they made try on styles I wasn’t sure of I did!


Right so I know alot of brides leave their wedding shopping till the last minute in order to shop once they’ve got down to their ideal weight. But the biggest disadvantage to this is that it reduces your options when shopping. You may have to buy off the rack designs that are than adjusted to fit you or may have a nail biting time hoping your ordered piece comes in time. Remember custom orders can take between 1-6 months (and maybe even longer) to make. I personally would recommend brides have all their pieces with them at least a month before their wedding. This allows time to get any adjustments done as well as hair and make up trials done with the outfits and of course any last min accessory shopping.


This is a goldilocks kinda tip- You’ve got to ramp up your usual look so there’s no mistaking who the bride is but on the other hand don’t go so out there that you end up looking like someone else entirely. No Renee Zellwegers please! I remember my mum insisting I try a bright fuschia lipstick at my wedding make up trial- I hadn’t been a lippy girl till then and I was ummming and ahhing. Anyway, Gini the mua said try it, if you don’t like it we won’t use it on the day and again my Mum was right. It completed the look- its just because I wasn’t used to seeing myself all glammed up!


Asian weddings have so many different events. Make sure you mix up your looks so you look different on each occasion. A friend (quite rightly) told me off at a recent wedding because on each occasion I was wearing either a cream or white based outfit! And make sure you go for looks that suit the event- if you’re having a beach party wearing a heavy lengha that you can’t move in just isn’t going to work.


I am so ridiculously fussy when it comes to the fit of my Indian clothes because no matter how stunning the outfit is if the fit isn’t right it won’t look as wow as it could.


Work with what you’ve got. And remember you’re young and beautiful so don’t hide away the body that in 30 years time you’d wished you’d showed off more. My belly is always hanging out! I just think while I’ve still got a small waist and only a mini muffin top I may as well work it while I can. LOL!


Lastly and importantly- you’ve got to be happy in what you’re wearing! If everyone loves an outfit but you don’t- don’t get it! It’s your wedding, your choice!

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23rd January 2015

I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing Sonam Kapoor’s Dolly Ki Doli this month. Her character in the film is a con artist who marries different men and then runs away with their money- So that’s a whole lot of weddings outfits in one film- fash overload!!! not that I’m complaining, it’ll be the main reason I go to see the film. The posters show her in a stunning blue Anita Dongre lengha as well as a mint and coral Jade lengha but the outfits in the Babaji Ka Thullu are OMG. She looks Amazeballs in Manish Arora and her male co-stars look pretty good too.

Dolly Ki Dolli Anita Anita Dongre Lengha

Dolly Ki Doli Jade Lengha Jade Lengha

Dolly ki Doli Babaji Ka Thullu Manish Arora

Manish Arora Indian Couture Week 2014 via Bridal AsiaAdore this Manish Arora lengha- in fact the whole Indian by Manish Arora @ India Couture Week 2014 were all stunning.

I’m sure I’ll be back with a Dolly Ki Doli Promo watch post soon…

Image Credit: Youtube & Dolly Ki Doli Facebook

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Spotlight: Rahul Mishra

30th Nov 2014

I haven’t covered the recent fashion weeks on my blog and have decided to share my favourite S/s 15 collection instead. Yep, out of the hundreds on shows there was one that made me ooohhhh and ahhhhh way more than the others. The show in question was Rahul Mishra’s S/s 15 collection @ Paris Fashion Week. Fashionistas in the know will already know that Mishra won the coveted International Woolmark Prize 2013/14. His work is just breathtaking. The way he champions the work and heritage of Indian handlooms and weavers and combines with sleek silhouettes really does bring a new meaning to luxury.

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra 10

The video below- Rahul Mishra: A winners’ journey is a beauty. The shots showing the hand looms and the hand embroidery highlight the beauty in the craftmanship. Mishra’s success at the Woolmark competition and his subsequent Paris collection equals one hell of a proud moment in Indian Fashion Design. Long may it continue.

Images: Rahul Mishra Facebook

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Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014: Top Five finalists announced

20th August 2014

It’s time for a little more Vogue India love (hey when isn’t it a good time?!) The reason I blog about Indian fashion is because its so god damn EXCITING. Yes, I rave about Manish and Sabyasachi but its those newbies that really make me go ohhhh. Designers that are finding their own groove. Such confidence and swag don’t you think? So each Vogue around the world has a Fashion Fund where a panel pick a winner from the country’s new design talent. Prizes include some start up money, a one year business mentoring from industry experts and coverage in the style bible that is VOGUE. Vogue India’s fashion fund winner last year was Frou Frou by Archana Rao-find her latest yuminess @ Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.

Hemant & Nandita, Top Five finalists Hemant & Nandita

Ikai by Ragini Ahuja via Vogue IndiaLove these looks by Top Five Finalist Ikai by Ragini Ahuja

This years 20 finalists were- HUEMN by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Shetty, Aarti Vijay Gupta, ikai by Ragini Ahuja, Ridhi Mehra, ilk by Shikha Grover & Vinita Adhikari, Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev, 431-88 by Shweta Kapur, Sneha Arora, Urvashi Kaur, Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, Chhaya Mehrotra, Hemant and Nandita, PINNACLE by Shruti Sancheti, anavila by Anavila Misra, Mrinalini by Mrinalini Gupta, [Ka][Sha] by Karishma Shahani Khan, Divya Sheth, Bounipun by Zubair Kirmani, GaGa by Tanya Sharma, BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva

I’ve blogged about the awesome HUEMN by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Setty, Ridhi Mehra, Surendi by Yogesh Chaudharym (Ka)(Sha) by Karishma Shahani Khan & BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva. Looking forward to getting to know the work of the other finalists!

So the final five have just been announced- Hemant & Nandita, Ikai by Rajini Ahuja, (Ka) (Sha) by Karishma Shahani Khan, Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva & Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev.

Ka Sha by Karishma Shahani KhanI’ve blogged about this talented lady on the blog before here and here! Top Five finalist Karishma Shahani Khan

Bodice by Ruchika Sachdev Top Five Finalist Bodice by Ruchika Sachdev

Quirk box via Vogue India Top Five Finalists Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev.

I’m def going to be emailing some of the designers on the list to get an interview for the blog! So watch this space for more info on India’s latest design talents!

All images via Vogue India

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Sabyasachi @ India Couture Fashion Week

18th July 2014

A couple of days ago Sabyasachi kicked off India Couture Fashion Week with his latest collection- Ferozabad. And I’m sooo sad that I couldn’t attend the show. Yep, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- blogging about Asian fashion a few thousands miles away in London can really suck sometimes!

Anyway back to the collection. I agree with some of the criticism the collections been receiving- it’s very similar to pieces he’s designed before BUT I’m in the mind if it ain’t broke… I love his soft pallettes, his romantic vintage florals and his gorgeous Zardozi and Parsi work. I love his silouette updates of deep v necklines, belted dupattas, crop tops and sheer embellished layers.

Can’t wait to see the collection up close…I’m sure Aashni & Co in London will be picking up some pieces and I’m hoping a trip to Mumbai might happen at the end of the year! Looking forward to checking out his new Mumbai showroom too!!!

Ferozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha

Ferozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha

Ferozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha

Ferozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha

Sabya 5 ICFW

Firozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha My fave piece- absolutely STUNNING

Ferozabad, Sabyasachi, Sabya, India, Fashion, Couture, Week, 2014, Taj, Shaadi, Wedding, Fashion Sari, Lengha I also loved seeing the boys getting some more attention- why should girls have all the fun?!?!

Sabya 7 ICFW

Images Harpers Bazaar Bride India FAcebook and the Red Floral Embroidered Image via Miss Malini

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Spotlight: Pernia Qureshi @ Paris Haute Couture Shows

11th July 2014

Some people just got it going ON and Ms Qureshi is certainly one of those. She ALWAYS looks soooo effortlessly chic- I met her last year and I asked her about her style tips and her top tip ladies…is to always be well groomed- make sure the basics are right- get yourself waxed/threaded, good brows are a must, take care of your skin/hair, manicure/pedicure etc….(Looking at my chipped nails as I type this makes think uhh ohhh!)

Ms Qureshi was out and about this week in Paris for the Fall/Winter Haute Couture shows- here are some pics from her Instagram account looking yum in Indian designer creations. She’s incredibly passionate about Indian designers and her online store has really shaken up the Indian e-tailer scene. I love the fact she continually scouts new designers giving them a platform for their work.

pernia qureshi, Pernias Pop Up Shop, Sonam Kapoor, India, Fashion, Tarun Tahliani, Shaadi, Wedding, Anita Dongre, Paris, Chanel, Haute Couture @ Armani dinner wearing #AnjuModi outfit and #MrinaliniChandra earrings

pernia qureshi, Pernias Pop Up Shop, Sonam Kapoor, India, Fashion, Tarun Tahliani, Shaadi, Wedding, Anita Dongre, Paris, Chanel, Haute Couture Wearing Selvedge

Pernia Quereshi Instagram Paris 3 @ the Chanel Haute Couture show wearing Anita Dongre

pernia qureshi, Pernias Pop Up Shop, Sonam Kapoor, India, Fashion, Tarun Tahliani, Shaadi, Wedding, Anita Dongre, Paris, Chanel, Haute Couture, Sonakshi Raaj @Valentino wearing Sonaakshi Raaj. I LOVE Sonaakshi’s work- my faves are the lemon sari gown Sonam wore and the blush sari gown Deepika wore.

My fave look is Pernia in Anita Dongre. It’s so simple, so classic and really chic.

All the outfits above are available to buy from her online store Pernias Pop Up Shop

Ok so I’m off to find my nail polish remover…

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Harpers Bazaar Bride India: Crimson Bride

20th June 2014

I’m late to the I LOVE HARPERS BAZAAR BRIDE INDIA party! A whole magazine dedicated to all things Indian and all things Bridal- what’s not to love! I’ve seen gorg pics from the magazine’s editorials all over social media and its the stunning Crismon Bride shoot that I’m sharing today. Right I’m off to see if I can subscribe via Magzter! Have a great weekend : )

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Harpers Bazaar Bride, India, fashion, bridal, shaadi, fbloggers,

Images via Dreamers Events Blog – I was searching for the Harpers editorial and found them on the blog above- It’s a great find full of wedding inspiration so check it out Brides to be x

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Vogue India Guest Post: Fashion Parade @ Kensington Palace

13th June 2014

Here’s a re-blog of latest guest post for Vogue India : )

London’s Royal Kensington Palace’s Orangery played host to an evening of Pakistani and Indian fashion on Monday night.

Sadia, Aashni & Co, fashion, Ali Zafar, Pakistan, India, Anamika Khanna, Kensington Palace, Orangery, Fashion Parade

Sadia, Aashni & Co, fashion, Ali Zafar, Pakistan, India, Anamika Khanna, Kensington Palace, Orangery, Fashion Parade

Sadia, Aashni & Co, fashion, Ali Zafar, Pakistan, India, Anamika Khanna, Kensington Palace, Orangery, Fashion Parade

Anamika Khanna

Sadia, Aashni & Co, fashion, Ali Zafar, Pakistan, India, Anamika Khanna, Kensington Palace, Orangery, Fashion Parade

Guests were a mix of diplomats, high society, celebrities and fashionistas who came to support South Asian fashion as well as the Great Ormond Street Hospital — the event’s charity partner, which the late Princess Diana was also a patron of. Guests included Pakistani musician-turned-actor Ali Zafar and wife Ayesha Fazli, director Gurinder Chadha, businessman Lord Gulam Noon, marketing expert Suhel Seth and musician Zoheb Hassan among others.

“Fashion Parade is a great platform to showcase designers from the East globally,” Aashni + Co boutique owner Aashni Shah told Vogue. “Being the only Indian store to have been invited, I thought Anamika Khanna’s designs would strike the right pitch on contemporary Indian clothing… She is able to marry the heritage of Indian sensibilities with the dynamic aesthetics of the modern global woman.”

“Anamika and I sat down to make an edit of her couture collection (first seen at PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013, view it here), focusing on pieces that would appeal to a global audience and not just the Asians at the event,” Shah adds, explaining that those pieces would appeal because they retained their air of couture exclusivity and were not mass produced.

This translated into 10 on-the-spot orders of a particular Anamika Khanna ensemble — a floral floor-length jacket worn over a bright blue lehenga — with more potential customers on its waitlist.

From Pakistan, designers Faiza Samee, Ayesha Hashwani, Nomi Ansari, Zara Shahjehan, Seher Tareen and Nazneen Tariq showcased capsule collections.

“Fashion Parade provides a platform for participating designers to introduce their work in the UK and helps promote trade relations between our two countries,” says Pakistani high commisioner Imran Mirza. “It represents a fusion of both east and west, thus bringing both the British and Pakistani communities together. Such events take us beyond the usual narratives associated with Pakistan.”

Images Aashni & Co / Vogue India

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