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Vogue India Guest Blog Post: Pakistan Fashion Week in London

11th July 2013

Here’s a re-blog of my latest guest blog post for Vogue.In on the recent Pakistan Fashion Week in London…..

Blogger Nina Patel highlights noteworthy designers from a sea of rich velvets and Mughal craftsmanship at a recent showcase of Pakistani fashion

1 July

Over here in the U.K. access to Asian designer wear is limited. There are a handful of boutiques in London and some one-off fashion events throughout the year. One summer event that’s become a popular fixture is Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week — a two day shopping and catwalk event in June which brings to London some of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion.

This year the designer line-up was impressive and many were showcasing brand new collections, so I made sure I was there for all the shows.


2 July

I loved this peach Pakistani/Western silhouette at Nauman Afreen. Image: Shahid Malik

3 JulyMe with Nauman Afreen. Image: Shahid Malik

4 July


Rizwan Ahmed’s collection was another highlight. I talked to Rizwan about his inspirations for this collection.

“My theme and title for this collection is pastels and the inspiration is a woman living here in the U.K. Summer’s here in U.K. and I thought to do something soft but very elegant. It’s flowy, it’s a lot of volume and the colours remain pastel,” says Rizwan.

I asked Rizwan how important it is for him to show in London.

“I’ve been associated with them [Riwayat] since PFW2, then PFW3, I did Alchemy, I did the trunk show and this is the fourth time. I have hopes here, I have fans, I have customers and I have clientele waiting for the new collection to be revealed. I am the only competition to myself,” says the designer.

Below are the highlights of his show.

5 July

6 July

7 July


Rana Noman’s collection was my favourite. There was an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and detailing which I found more refined and striking than some of the other bling-tastic collections.

I asked Rana about his inspiration.

“My collection for PFW4 is Naksh Kari which is inspired by the artisanal work done during the Mughal era, in the architecture, patterns, the textiles prints, the kalamkari, the colours, the fabrics that were used. It’s mixing together the old and making it into something appropriate for nowadays,” he says.

8 July

9 July

10 July

11 July

All ramp images courtesy Shahid Malik.


In between shows I went backstage with my camera to get close-ups of show accessories and embroidery techniques.

I found beautiful ethnic jewellery, hair ornamentation and hats.

12 July

13 July

14 July

15 July

16 July

Designer Rana Noman helping designer Sara Rohael Asghar dress one of her models.

17 July

18 July

All backstage images by Nina Patel.

All ramp images courtesy Shahid Malik.

Nina Patel is author of the The Asian Fashion Journal fashion blog, her day job is as a high street womenswear designer in London.

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Bridal details at ‘Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week 4’

27th June 2013

I was kindly given FROW seats at the recent ‘Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week 4’. I didn’t think there were enough designers showing (there were 21 showing, several of which were lawn textile collections) for me to do my usual trend report. So, I’ve decided to put together a Bridal details/highlights report instead.


Headwear came in the form of fascinators, elaborate Matha Pattis and stunning Mughal inspired pieces and made an interesting change to just seeing a draped dupatta covering the head. SRA’s headwear pieces were beautiful and the showstoppers piece made a huge statement.

Headwear 1L-R Bombay Stores, Gul Ahmed Textiles & Waseem Noor

Headwear 2L-R SRA- Sara Rohael Asghar The show stopper’s headpiece definitely made a statement. The head piece in the far right pic was my fav and the back detail was as pretty as the front.

Trailing hems

As I’m not so familiar with Pakistani fashion I don’t know if the trails at the back of the garment is something that’s been around for a while or not. I’ve picked out a few trailing hems which really were quite long. SRA had even added an extra flounce piece to the hems to add even more length to the garment.

TrailsL-R Naurangg by Uzma Shah & Moeezza Rabbani, Rana Noman & Rizwan Ahmed

Trails 2L-R SRA, Surrekham- Shehla Shaharyar, SRA


Some rich velvet bridal pieces were shown in a few collections. I like the regal and luxurious tone the fabric brings to the pieces.

Velvet 2L-R Rana Noman & SRA

Velvet 1L-R Bombay Stores & Naurangg by Uzma Shah & Moeezza Rabbani

Dip Hems

I know dip hems (shorter at the front- longer at the back) have been around for a while and here’s some of my fav examples for PFW4

dip hemsL-R Naumeen Afreen, Rizwan Ahmed & Tasmiya

Back Details

The highlight of being on the front row was noticing all the details and there were some pretty back details. The split backs at Tasimayah and Zeeshan Bariwala and I loved Rana Noman’s sari blouse back detail (screams Bipasha Basu doesn’t it?)

Back details 1L-R Rana Noman, Rana Noman & Rizwan Ahmed

back details 2L-R Shakir Designs, Tasmiyah & Zeeshan Bariwala

I’ve got to finish my post with my favourite piece from PFW4. It’s by Nauman Afreen and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. The tone on tone embroidery was just so yum and that delicate shade of grey with a flash of fuchsia all made it so elegant. (yep I want it! Lol )


Event produced by: Riwayat LTD London
Head stylist: Huma Tahir
Make up by Taniya Khan
Hair by Reena & Sonya
Photography by Shahid Malik

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Riwayat announces line up for Pakistan Fashion Week 4, 8th & 9th June @ Grand Connaught Rooms

6th June 2013

Ohhh I’m excited! The final line up for Pakistan Fashion Week is out & hats off to organisers Adnan Ansari & Chris East for getting these great designers over to London. I can’t wait. I know there are only a few remaining tickets left for the event which you can get at the Riwayat site

8th June 2 p.m- Gul Ahmed Textiles, Waseem Noor, Moazzam Abbasi, Surrekham by Shehla Shaharyar, Kundan House, Nauman Arfreen

Zainab Chottani Bridal Couture Week 2013 OnitaaYum pic from Zainab Chottani Bridal Couture Week 2013 show, what a talented lady! pic from Onitaa Facebook

8th June 7 p.m- Sara Rohale Asghar, Bombay Store, Nauranggby Uzma Shah and Moezza Rabbani, Erum Khan , Sharik Textiles, Zeeshan Bariwala

Rizwan AhmedRizwan Ahmed’s stunner of a collection ‘A midsummer nights dream’ at Riwayat’s show at the Alchemy festival- wonder what he’ll show this weekend! Pic from Shahid Malik

9th June 2 p.m- Bani D, The Pink Tree Company, Moon Textiles, Ego, Shahkir, Designer, Lakhany Silk Mills

9th June 7 p.m- Nikki B presents Parvesh Jai, Rizwan Ahmed, Tasmiyah, Zainab Chottani, Rana Noman, Zaheer Abas.

rana nomanRana Noman posted this beauty on facebook, how regal!

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pakistanfw

Facebook: http://www.facebook/riwayat.events

Event Site: http://www.pakistanfashionweek.co.uk

Riwayat site: http://www.riwayat.org.uk

Venue: Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-­‐65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5DA UK

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Riwayat presents Pakistan Fashion Week 8-9th June at Grand Connaught Rooms London

1st June 2013

I’ve featured the work of many talented Pakistani designers on the blog before and am super duper excited that for the first time I can actually attend PFW London on 8th & 9th June. This is the fourth season that the wonderful team at Riwayat will be bringing the best of Pakistani fashion over here with a series of catwalk shows across the weekend as well as designer stands- so not only can you see the best of Pakistani fashion you can buy it too! I’m sure I will be bumping into many a bride to be! I will be taking over the official twitter account (thanks so much to Adnan & Chris for inviting me to take part) and will be tweeting all the news and pics from the shows and I’ve been given exclusive access to the backstage area so will be taking you behind the scenes too!

PFW4 3

Zainab Chottani PFW3Zainab Chottani at PFW3

Nomi Ansari PFW3Nomi Ansari at PFW3. How yum is that outfit.

Gul Ahmed Ss13Gul Ahmed, G Pret S/s 13 image and the range Gul will be showing at PFW4 is G Pret 2014! Yep that’s right next year’s collection now! and available to buy!!!

The designer line up includes Zeeshan Bariwala, Zainab Chottani, Al Karam Textiles, Sadia Mizra, Ayesha Aejaz, Najwa Imran, ORIGINS, Sophia Metha, Parvesh and Jai, Gul Ahmed. If you haven’t got your tickets yet buy them here now! I can’t wait for next weekend! can you?

Image Credit: Shahid Malik and Gul Ahmed Facebook

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pakistanfw

Facebook: http://www.facebook/riwayat.events

Event Site: http://www.pakistanfashionweek.co.uk

Riwayat site: http://www.riwayat.org.uk

Venue: Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-­‐65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5DA UK

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