The reason I’ve been AWOL…I got engaged!

23rd May 2013

Yep readers, the Mr and I have finally got round to having our engagement party!- We were originally meant to have it back in Sept but ended up shifting the date. And while the proposal was months ago until the families get together and bust some bhangra shangra moves while high on the whiskey phiskey it doesn’t count!

I enjoy getting a bit ‘crafty’ and added a few homemade touches to the party- from my D.I.Y cake stand, tissue flower centerpieces and thank you cards. I will be sharing my tutorials with you in the coming weeks but here’s some taster pics.

23 May

23 May 2

23 May 3

I’ll be adding a few pics from the night once I get them from the photographer.

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One thought on “The reason I’ve been AWOL…I got engaged!

  1. […] my engagement party I ended up getting a little creative. I made a cake stand, some tissue paper floral centerpieces and the thank you cards. I thought I’d post some tutorials on how I got on and here’s the first- the D.I.Y […]

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