Blog Crush: Border & Fall

25th May 2013

After all the distractions of the last few weeks its been good to get back into blogging mode. It’s not just the writing that I’ve missed but the reading of my fave blogs too. One blog that has quickly become a must read is Border & Fall. The blog’s editor, Boutique branding expert- Malika V Kashyap splits the blog into four sections- People & Spaces, Wardrobes, News and Journal. The later is the most interesting section, it looks beyond the glossy facade of Indian fashion and gives opinons and insights into the inner workings of the industry by leading Indian creatives.

This month’s issue is titled Digital and includes web genius Sita Wadhwani, editor of Vogue.In-laying out her five learnings, an interview with Pernia Quereshi and her vision for growth at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop as well as designer Bindu Reddy discussing how she works with the digital medium to create her work.

border and fall 3Screen shot of interview of Pernia Qureshi and newly appointed creative director Edward Lalrempuia.

border and fall 4Screen shot of the wardrobe of the ohh soo chic Cecilia Morelli Parikh of Le Mill.

border and fall 2Screen shot of Sita Wadhwani’s article on the digital world

border and fall 1Screen shot of the wardrobe of Mrs. Shirin Kamaljit Singh.

Border & Fall is a voice that had been missing from the Indian blogosphere so get following!

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Images Border & Fall

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