5 easy ways to improve Vidya Balan’s Cannes looks

24th May 2013

Poor Vidya, she’s prob thinking she can’t win – critised for her choices in Western attire and now critised for her choices in Indian attire. Unlike many nay-sayers that blame Sabyasachi’s work I think the reason her looks at Cannes haven’t worked is down to poor styling (Sabya will always be a design genius in my eyes) Designers don’t always make good stylists and a good stylist can take a look from Meh to Yeah. Who can forget Anaita Shroff Adajania’s styling magic on Deepika Padukone’s wardrobe in Cocktail or Rhea Kapoor’s continued awesome styling of Sonam Kapoor. If either of them had been able to tweak Vidya’s looks I know they would have been much stronger.

1) Ditch the high neck blouses

When you have a bust bigger than a B cup do yourself a favour and avoid high necklines and show off what you got! She’s done it in the past and looked fab for it-See here.

vidya at cannesUnflattering high necklines and way too much fabric! Images Vogue India

2)Don’t drown yourself in fabric when you’re petite

When you’re petite extra fabric just adds pounds, even if she had opted for sleeveless blouses and worn shorter blouses (that would have showed her tiny waist) she would have looked better.

3)Soften the hair

Vidya’s centre parting bun looked really severe and aged her unnecessarily. She should look to the youthful Sri Devi for hair inspiration!

sridevi final 3Image High Heel Confidential

4) Accessorise well

I actually like most of the jewellery Vidya’s been wearing but what was with the bag? (first image on the right) yep its Chanel but still! a chic clutch like Neha worked below would have worked better.

neha dupiaImage Strand of Silk

5)Mix it up

I love Sabyasachi’s work but mix it up- If people see the same silouette over and over again it gets tired. Sonam gave a masterclass in mixing it up rocking Dolce & Gabanna, Huemn and Anamika Khanna

sonam at cannesImages Vogue India

Images Vogue India, High Heel Confidential and Strand of Silk.

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7 thoughts on “5 easy ways to improve Vidya Balan’s Cannes looks

  1. I love Sabyasachi, but Vidya looked very old in her outfits for Cannes, I am not sure what type of statement they were trying to make. Felt Vidya judging at Cannes was the perfect way to promote Indian fashion in the West, but I’m not sure they’ve done a good job…

    • I agree with you- that she’s a stunner and could have looked more youthful but I still think her alongside other Indian celebs and Western celebs showcased the work of Indian designers like never before at Cannes and that’s a fab endorsement to a fab industry.

  2. Kish says:

    Nice post – I’ve seen a lot of folk criticise her, but it’s refreshing to see a tactical approach 😉
    Oooohhh – plus a softer weave – she mostly wore stiff fabrics. xx

    • Thanks Kish and I’d call it being diplomatic rather than tactical- she’s still a beautiful woman and he’s still an awesome designer and I’d never want to be another Internet troll- there’s too many as it is!

  3. samtotally says:

    Great post! Had fun reading it. Someone really needed to put this out there 😛 Loving this blog!
    P.S. I absolutely love everything Sonam Kapoor wears.
    Here’s my blog: http://samtotally.wordpress.com/
    Do stop by 🙂

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