Sabyasachi & Sotheby’s London

18 Feb 2012

Sotheby’s has just announced their upcoming “Inspired by India” exhibition due to run 8th-15th May. The exhibition will showcase the work of designers that celebrate rich and diverse traditional Indian skills in a contemporary, exciting manner. The show will feature textiles, jewellery, photography and fashion by designers such as Rahul Kumar, Alice Cicolini, Pia Wustenberg and of course Sabyasachi.

Alice Cicolini’s fine jewellery

Rahul Kumar’s ceramics

Gita Pandit’s photography

Sabyasachi’s fashion

I adore Sabya’s work, he is in a class of his own and I don’t think there’s any other designer that can sit alongside him. He is a true talent.

Can’t wait for the exhibition

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