Lakme Fashion Week: The top 3 ‘What were you thinking?’

12th March 2012

I was browsing away, checking out the Lakme Fashion Week shows and I noticed some STRANGE things going on. Was there something in the water that some of the designers were drinking? Some way of explaining these ‘What were you thinking?’ moments.

Well I’ll count it down!

In 3rd place

James Ferreira’s Cone Head and Crotch disaster!

This was a stunning collection by James Ferreira, so why let the hair stylist spoil it with these distracting gravity defying hair styles! and didn’t anyone notice the unfortunate tie-dye placement over the crotch beforehand?

In 2nd place

Sapna Bhavani and Suckriti Grover

There were a couple of ideas in the collection that showed promise but the rest of the outfits just didn’t work. For example these scary gingham bloomers this poor model is wearing but I’m guessing you didn’t notice them and were busy looking at the strange make-up and hair combo.

In 1st place

Narendra Kumar’s cut price wigs and awful disco dancing

Why? Oh Why? Narendra Kumar’s a great designer shame he thought the cut price wigs and disco dancing would enhance his collection?

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