Label Lust: NorBlack NorWhite

23rd March 2012

The last few years have been an incredibly exciting time for Asian Fashion. The fashion scene is constantly evolving and Bollywood-esque designers are joined by a new wave of designers that are redefining and breaking boundaries on what Indian Fashion is. I’m talking about designers like Little Shilpa, Manish Arora & Jatin Varma.

NorBlack NorWhite is one such brand and integral to the brands ethos is to look back at India’s rich history in textiles and art. Their collections celebrate techniques that have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and use these skills in an exciting fresh way. They travel to and explore a different area of India each season working with local artisans in creating their ohhh so fab collections. By doing this they are not only creating yumilious collections but are supporting local artisans and keeping these unique skills alive.

There S/s 12 collection was all about exploring Ikat and they travelled to Hyderabad to work with local weavers. How STUNNING is their look book too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

and how amazing is the vt they shot showing all the skill, love and history that goes into their collections!

Check out their website for stockist info and their latest news!

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