He’s on GQ, Vogue, Elle + Cosmo’s radar (and now mine!): TAFJ talks to Manou of Wearabout.

17th April 2012

A few weeks ago I posted ‘Mumbai street adventure with Manou : Guardian’ a short film sharing an insight into the fashion scene by Wearabout blogger Manou. Since viewing the film I’ve poured over the delicious posts in Manou’s blog. Why? Because Manou’s streetstyle blog is diverse and democratic, its not just the young pretty things at fashion week that make it into his blog it could just as easily be a street hawker.

I was lucky enough to get a 5 min interview with the man.

Above a pic of Mr.Wearabout and the following images are from my favourite blog post of his – Tashes and Turbans in Jodhpur.

What does the term Indian Fashion mean to you?

Never really thought about it. Fascinating maybe?

Above and below are pics from the Cobra ad.
Which designers do you think are at the forefront of Indian design (doesn’t have to be just fashion) and why

There are many. Abraham & Thakore Paromita Banerjee. Good aesthetics. Attention to details. Streets and working class people inspired.

What are you’re top three favourite pics posted on your blog and why?

I really have no favourites.

Outside of your blog, I know you work on select collaborations. I really love the Cobra ‘Train’ adverts and the series of short vts you were involved in. The ad recently aired in the U.K and show India in a very different way. How did the collaboration come about? and what was your involvement?

I got an email one day from a London based producer talking about the project and asking if I’d be interested in collaborating with them. They were going to make a film on 3 collborators(music/fashion/food) from India for The Guardian featuring their work. Later I got involved in the TVC. I did street casting for the TVC and bit of general consulting.

Finally, what projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m sorting out images for an exhibition I’m a part of Design India Now at V&A, London. At present, I’m taking a break from all things online. I’ve been writing offline. Have not really taken any projects. Have not even blogged for 25 days. But I’ll be getting back to it soon.

Thanks Manou!

(I’ll be posting info of the upcoming Design India Now at V&A shortly)

And for anyone that’s missed it Cobra’s train. (and no I haven’t been paid to promote it I just like the ad!)

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  1. […] It was fab to see streetstyle photographer Manou’s images closing the show (read my previous interview with him here) […]

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