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Anita Dongre: Stunning S/s 12 Bridal Collection

10th April 2012

The ‘boy’ and I booked our wedding and engagement venue ten days ago and I’ve avoided any wedding-esque research since! I thought I’d gently easy myself into getting back into wedding mode by catching up with Rab’s AMAZING blog – ASIAN WEDDING IDEAS her blog is full of dreamy, yummy pics. The first post of her’s that caught my eye was the STUNNING Anita Dongre S/s 12 pics that I had to share!

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Harvey Nichols A/w 12 Press Day

9th April 2012

9th April 2012

A little late in posting the pics, Harvey Nick’s A/w 12 press day took place last Weds and I’d sum up the event as ‘Brilliantly British’ The rails were as the team described ‘an edit of the most enchanting and covetable labels around’ and many of those labels were indeed British. (the visuals from the press day book show the designer mix)

My favourites included the relaxed, chic pieces from Lula & Co and Isabel Marant and the yummy prints at Peter Pilotto (LOVED the beadwork over the prints) and Mary Katrantzou. Over on accessories highlights for me were the beaded collars at Dannijo and Sophie Hulme’s handbags.

Over at Menswear texture was key, how amazing are the studded Louboutin’s?

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Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam

5th April 2012

The British Museum’s exhibition on the Hajj has had mixed reviews and I was curious to see which side of opinion I’d lean to after I’d seen it. Visitors enter through a narrow corridor flanked by pictures of people on the Hajj and as you walk amongst the people in the pictures visitors listen to the Talbiyya (the prayer Muslims recite before setting off on the Hajj) A clever way to engage the audience into the experience ahead. And that’s exactly how to describe the exhibition an experience. Sights and sounds beautifully melt together as you journey along the Hajj following the different routes of the pilgrims from all parts of the world to Mecca.

Accounts of the different journeys are shared from the Gujarati Maps Indian sailors used to navigate their way, to the tickets issued by Thomas Cook (yep he was around way back in 19th Century) to the letters of Lady Evelyn Cobbold (the first British woman to perform the Hajj in 1933) At the centre of the experience is ‘Mecca’ which has a short film playing that explains the rituals and customs that pilgrims must observe and perform once they have reached Mecca.

A wonderful insight for any non- Muslims. A specially commissioned piece by Idris Khan closes the exhibition. Again sight and sounds came together. You can hear the extracts of pilgrim’s experiences of the Hajj as well as see these extracts stamped on to the canvas.

Critics argue that an exhibition sponsored by Saudi Arabia can only be biased and avoids addressing issues on human rights in the Middle East. For me, Religion was separated from other issues and rightly so, this was simply about Islam’s fifth pillar and as a non-Muslim the exhibition gave me a clear understanding of the Hajj. An exhibition that shares Islam to a wider audience is definitely a positive.

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Harvey Nichols: Ohhh so yum windows


I went to the Harvey Nick’s Press Day earlier (as I’ve been picking up a little freelance work for a mag yep another bit of info that needs to go into my about us!) Before I post about the press day itself, I’ve got to dedicate a post to the YUM windows. I probably lingered outside for as long as I did at the event! SO much FUN! and just a reminder of how much impact visual displays can have.

In between the pics I’ve posted the snippets from their press release.

“We wanted our Jubilee windows to have vintage 1950’s feel about them to pay tribute to the era of the Queen’s coronation, while also referencing the best in this season’s fashion”

“The inspiration for the shop fronts came directly from the trends seen on the S/s 12 catwalks – sugary pastels for the sweet shop, florals for the florist, fruit and vegetable prints for the greengrocer and fish- like sequins & lace detailing for the fishmonger”

“This window scheme has been one of the most fun to conceptualise – it’s a striking contrast to the contemporary approach we normally take with our instillations, but retains our distinctly tongue- in –cheek sense of humour!” Janet Wardley (Head of Visual Display at Harvey Nichols

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Big Bra Hunt : Oxfam


I just read a wonderful write-up about Oxfam’s big bra hunt in The Sunday Times Magazine. British second-hand bras are in demand in Africa as they are deemed to be the most well made (there is no local underwear manufacturing). Journalist Charlotte Eager followed the trail of her donated bright La Senza bra.

It travelled from her local Oxfam to the sorting depot in Huddersfield then onwards to Senegal.

Her bra landed at Bourguiba, the HQ of Frip Ethique (which means ‘ethical second-hand clothes’) where it was compressed into a 450 kg bale and then was sold at the wholesale market and finally made it onto local market trader Ndeye’s stall. The bra was bought by a 22 yr old factory worker for 62p.

Each step of the process provides regular employment to local Senegalese people, from the clothes sorter to the market trader and has proved a financial success with 2011 turnover at £1.5m with profits returned back into Oxfam’s purse. A simple yet effective initiative and all we have to do to help is donate our old bras. So get the charity bag out and start filling!

All images The Sunday Times Magazine and Oxfam

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