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Selfridges: A hundred years of Windows.

8th Jan 2013

I’m a costume drama kind a girl. It stems from my teenage obsession with Catherine Cookson and Bronte books. Soooo you name it any BBC/ITV period drama that airs- I’m watching it. I loved the first episode of Mr. Selfridge on Sun and the ohhhh-ahhhh moment came when the first window displays were unveiled. At the time they caused a stir and continue to do so- my favorite in recent years was the Louboutin take-over. Here’s a quick post on some of the Selfridges windows over the years.

1 selfridges 1920

1920’s window with live models

2 selfridges 1930

1930’s window with erm- cheese!

3 selfridges 1950

1950’s window with Palm Beach suits

4 selfridges 1960

1960’s window

Below are images from the Louboutin take-over last year!

5 freshnessmag 2

7 blinklondon

6 freshness mag

To find out more about the history of Selfridges click here.

Images from Wallpaper magazine and Freshness Mag & Blink London.

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Harvey Nichols: Ohhh so yum windows


I went to the Harvey Nick’s Press Day earlier (as I’ve been picking up a little freelance work for a mag yep another bit of info that needs to go into my about us!) Before I post about the press day itself, I’ve got to dedicate a post to the YUM windows. I probably lingered outside for as long as I did at the event! SO much FUN! and just a reminder of how much impact visual displays can have.

In between the pics I’ve posted the snippets from their press release.

“We wanted our Jubilee windows to have vintage 1950’s feel about them to pay tribute to the era of the Queen’s coronation, while also referencing the best in this season’s fashion”

“The inspiration for the shop fronts came directly from the trends seen on the S/s 12 catwalks – sugary pastels for the sweet shop, florals for the florist, fruit and vegetable prints for the greengrocer and fish- like sequins & lace detailing for the fishmonger”

“This window scheme has been one of the most fun to conceptualise – it’s a striking contrast to the contemporary approach we normally take with our instillations, but retains our distinctly tongue- in –cheek sense of humour!” Janet Wardley (Head of Visual Display at Harvey Nichols


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