Selfridges: A hundred years of Windows.

8th Jan 2013

I’m a costume drama kind a girl. It stems from my teenage obsession with Catherine Cookson and Bronte books. Soooo you name it any BBC/ITV period drama that airs- I’m watching it. I loved the first episode of Mr. Selfridge on Sun and the ohhhh-ahhhh moment came when the first window displays were unveiled. At the time they caused a stir and continue to do so- my favorite in recent years was the Louboutin take-over. Here’s a quick post on some of the Selfridges windows over the years.

1 selfridges 1920

1920’s window with live models

2 selfridges 1930

1930’s window with erm- cheese!

3 selfridges 1950

1950’s window with Palm Beach suits

4 selfridges 1960

1960’s window

Below are images from the Louboutin take-over last year!

5 freshnessmag 2

7 blinklondon

6 freshness mag

To find out more about the history of Selfridges click here.

Images from Wallpaper magazine and Freshness Mag & Blink London.

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One thought on “Selfridges: A hundred years of Windows.

  1. ❤ their windows!
    They always make me stop and stare!

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