Essie: Off the shoulder Summer 2012

13th July 2012

Every girl has a beauty indulgence that they never forgo and mine is my pedicures! After two weeks of sandals and flip-flops my feet needed a little pampering (I’ll be posting my hol pics soon) The Essie Summer 12 collection was in the salon and I ummmed and ahhhhed about going for the hot trend choice with the bikini so teeny (the powder blue one) but when it came down to it I choose the easier Off the Shoulder pink. It’s described by Essie as a hot pink but I think the colour slightly softer and the colour looks more creamy than a true hot pink (If that makes any sense!)

From L-R Fear or Desire, Off the Shoulder, Cascade Cool, Bikini so Teeny, All Tied Up and Mojito Madness

Again my creative pic taking is dubious but you get to see the colour on my skin tone. I’m wearing my Dune Head Over Heels leopard sandals.

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