Band Baajaa Bride Season 3

20th Feb 2013

Last week Band Baajaa Bride season 3 kicked off in India. It’s a wedding reality show where a couple’s wedding is put together with the support of an amazing dream team led by Ambika Anand, Bharat Arora and design guru Sabyasachi. A staggering 8000 brides applied to be one of the lucky 13. The first of the season’s bride’s pics are up and I had to share them (I’m thinking I may end up sharing a few more bride’s pics as the season goes on!) Congrats to the happy couple!

Band Baajaa BridePretty mehndi!

Band Baaja Bride 2Bride Deesha Sanghvi

Band Baajaa Bride 3The man making these brides dreams come true- Sabyasachi!

Band Baajaa Bride 4The big reveal

Band Baajaa Bride 5The groom’s looking pretty good too

Band Baajaa Bride 6Aaawww the wedding! (I couldn’t find a better pic of the couple together, will add if I do)

And here’s this season’s trailer.

Over here in the U.K the big reality wedding programme is BBC3’s Don’t Tell The Bride. I’ve recently been contacted by the producer of the show- who wanted a mention on the blog as they are currently casting for the new season. The selected couple are given £12,000 to spend on their wedding and the catch? The groom and his best man arrange the whole wedding. Yep, the bride gets NO input! (Kinda poles apart from Band Baajaa Bride!) If there’s a few brave brides out there contact Naomi Channell at this e-mail add

Images from Sabyasachi’s facebook page

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