Caroline Issa for L.K. Bennett kinda similar to Matthew Williamson’s style?

19th March 2013

When I first spotted the images of the Caroline Issa’s L.K. Bennett collaboration I had to do a double take. I honestly thought the pieces were by Matthew Williamson. Issa’s collection is pretty enough even if its not particularly fresh but my main issue is that I simply don’t get it! I know L.K. Bennett are trying to inject a dose of cool by getting Issa to design the collection but it’s such a world away from the brand’s usual offering. Will it really bring a whole new audience to the brand? or will the existing audience buy into this new look? and is this a one off? will L.K. Bennett continue to offer collaborations? and my other moment is that I wouldn’t readily identify the collection as pieces that Issa would wear. I’ve never seen her wear any ethnic embroidery, ok, ok I know the collection was inspired by her travels to Thailand- what I guess I’m trying to say is that if she had designed a collection more in tune with her ohh so fab signature style- I’d have been a lot more excited by the collaboration!

CarolineCaroline Issa, Fashion Director & Publisher of Tank magazine

1 ISSA W1Issa/L.K.Bennett

2 ISSA W2Issa/L.K.Bennett

3 ISSA W3 Image Credit-businessoffashionIssa/L.K.Bennett

5 MW3Matthew Williamson’s H&M collaboration 2009 (I think Issa’s collection looks like MW boho luxe pieces that the likes of Sienna Miller went mad for four/five years ago)

6 MW 2Matthew Williamson details from S/s 13 and Cat Deeley wearing a S/s 09 playsuit)

7 MW Image Credit - business of FashionMW detail S/s 13

On another note do you think we’ll ever get to a point where Western designers will design ethnic wear? Because I’d love to wear a sari blouse with MW stunning S/s 13 embroidery with a contrast colour tie dye silk sari. How yum would that be? Ok, I know Hermes designed some saris but it’s not really the same thing!

Image Credit: Matthew Williamson, Caroline Issa, Business Of Fashion, H&M

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