3 Ways to Fight Acne

4th April 2013

Acne sucks! I know because I’ve been there. My teenage years passed by spot free but at the grand old age of 23 I developed Adult Acne on my face. The emotional and physical (yep I said physical- I found the lumps and bumps painful!) trauma can be devastating.

AnnaLynne-McCord-Make-Up-Free-tweetEven celebs can’t escape the dreaded spots. Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and AnnaLynne-McCord are just some of the sufferers. And how brave & inspiring is AnnaLynne to tweet her make up free skin?!

Get Help

The first thing to do is get professional help. Go to your GP and see what they can prescribe. My doctor gave me a topical lotion which reduced the inflammation but didn’t clear my skin. I was then referred to a Dermatologist who was in a word USELESS. I’m sure many of you will have come across many unhelpful GPs/Dermatologists but I’d advise you to persevere. I did and ended up seeing the fantastic Prof. Chu a dermatologist that specialises in treating acne. The treatment plan he tailored for me cleared up my acne in weeks.

simple alison williams image credit- www.ramanmedianetwork.co.ukSimple skincare range just signed Alison Williams of Girls.

Get Healthy

Eat well and exercise regularly. Try to maintain a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables and hit the gym or go for a walk. Exercise releases serotonin the happy hormone and can help combat stress which can be a major cause of acne. Also make sure you ditch the fizzy drinks for water instead- keeping you’re body hydrated will help to boost energy levels and can help clear the skin.

bare-mineralsBare Minerals make up ‘so pure you can sleep in it’

Get the right skincare routine

Keep your skin clean by using a mild cleanser and moisturiser morning and night (I’d recommend the Simple & Johnson & Johnson ranges) and try not to touch or pick at skin! All you’ll be doing is spreading germs and disturbing the skin unnecessarily. As for wearing make up while you have acne opt for a mineral make up range that won’t clog your pores. The colours for darker skin have got a lot better over the years and I’d recommend the Bare Minerals range. Make sure you wash your make up brushes/sponges regularly.

Next week I’ll share the treatments I have had to reduce acne scarring as well as a list of the skincare products I use.

Image credit: Twitter, Raman Media Network and Bare Minerals

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