Kaffe Fassett Exhibition @ Fashion & Textiles Museum

4th July 2013

I was in two minds about going to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition @ F&T Museum. I’ve never been much of a fan of his knitwear patterns and cross-stitch needlework which I’ve always found too twee. Anyway I did end up going and yep my opinion on his knitwear and cross-stitch hasn’t changed but I did like his patchwork/quilting work. According to the exhibition guide Kaffe started quilting in the early 90’s and following a trip to India his work was influenced by the vivid colours and patterns he saw. The large quilting pieces on display were oh so beautiful and the way fellow textile artist Sue Timney had displayed the work against dramatic pops of colour and her signature monochrome stripes elevated the visual experience further. I do think that’s why I’m a big fan of this often overlooked museum- pieces are never just displayed against white walls- the team at F&T Museum manage to reinvent the entire space for each exhibition so you enter a new world every time you visit

1 Kaffe Fassett

2 Kaffe Fassett Fellow textile designer Sue Timney’s signature monochrome stripes make an appearance.

3 Kaffe Fassett

4 Kaffe Fassett

This piece was a personal favourite.

5 Kaffe Fassett

6 Kaffe Fassett

7 Kaffe FassettSome knitwear examples which all the hipster kids seem to be wearing at the mo.

7.5  Kaffe Fassett

8 Kaffe FassettHis ‘feeling’ wall with maybe the foundation of a new piece?

9 Kaffe Fassett

10 Kaffe FassettHis famous needlework pieces of fruit and vegetables which I wasn’t keen on at all.

Images: The Asian Fashion Journal

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