GLOWWBOX Review Part 1

9th January 2015

I’m kicking off the new year with a beauty post reviewing Glowwbox! Glowwbox is a beauty box subscription service that describes itself as…

a luxury beauty package of some of the best in beauty suitable for women with darker skin tones.

Opening the beautifully packaged box I found an array of gorgeous goodies! After having a read of the products I decided to enlist the help of my friend Tess from afrotee_tee. I thought seeing as the two full sized products- The Motions hair product is aimed at Afro- Carribean women. It would be good to get Tess to review them. I also gave her the Bellapierre- Mineral Eye Shadow, Celebration to check out too.

Here’s how she got on with the products. Full details on how to subscribe to Glowwbox are below.


First product I tried out was what we both described as the “glitter stuff”. It’s a little pot of gold dust by Bellàpierre cosmetics, and to be honest with you I was skeptical of trying this out as it was “glitter stuff” and I didn’t want to look like a black Pat Butcher on bad day, not only that, unless I was having a ditzy moment ( and I do have a few) I didn’t know if this was eye shadow or highlighter or a body shimmer! None the less I gave it a go. Making sure I applied this stuff in the bathroom so my cream carpets were not marked gold, I was pleasantly surprised at how much power was on my eye brush but not a lot on my eyes. I found the more I blended the product in the less I saw of it. For something so shimmery I thought the opposite would have happened. As I was going to work I only applied to the tear ducts, subtle yet effective and off to work I went.

tess 1

The next time I decided to wear Bellàpierre cosmetics “glitter stuff” was on my 12th year anniversary with hubby (we have only been married for 4months, but together for 12) anyway I piled it on my eyes. Same effect happened the more I blended it in the more I felt it disappeared slightly, and the more glitter I found on my face rather than eyelids. I decided this time to apply it all over the lid with a black liner which I found helped protrude the colour a bit. In my bathroom light it looked too much but I rolled with it and went out. In the bathroom light of the restaurant it doesn’t look as bright but I liked the look. Overall as a choice of eyeshadow I’m not sure I like this colour as it didn’t give the pop that I thought it would, whether it being the way I applied it or due to my complexion! I wouldn’t mind trying out something brighter – I may just Ms Butcher a run for her money bless her fully covered lids!

tess 2

The other products I tried were two hair products from the Motions range. Since deciding to go natural in 2012 (that’s no chemicals to permanently straighten) I have become what’s known in the natural hair community as a “product junkie”. So to say I was excited to try these hair products, was an understatement.
The first was the naturals textures moisturizing cleanser. I had been wearing my hair in a weave (a protective style, less stress on my hair and easier to maintain) and decided to take it out during the xmas period to give my scalp a breather… Amen!

tess 4

Cleansers are less harsher than shampoos as they don’t usually contain sulfates that can strip hair of its oils, but do the same thing as a shampoo. There are many blogs and sites that speak about the difference between shampoos and cleansers so you can have a read in your spare time. Anywho – I found this cleanser great for my hair! If my hair hadn’t been in a weave for so long yuck, one lather would have been enough, I ended up washing my hair twice. My hair felt clean and my scalp was rid of all the build- up! Scalp and hair freee yay!!!

I then followed up with the natural textures deep conditioning masque! As a deep conditioner goes this was very runny and not as thick or creamy as other conditioners I have used before. Smelled nice and not to heavy so I wasn’t worried about my hair smelling like tutti fruity chewits! My hair didn’t feel covered like it does with others and I found that I was applying more and more of the conditioner onto my hair, by the time I looked in the container I realised that I could have potentially finished the lot in one go… not good. I left the conditioner in for half an hour with no heat . Once I washed it out my hair was soft and manageable and I was impressed. Still wasn’t sure if this was down to the amount I put in or just the fact the product did its thing. I still have some left so ill be applying it again but sparingly.

Look out for me on instagram: afrotee_tee where you can see my length check progress styles… my journey basically. Hopefully if I’m good I may be here again!
See ya’s laters!!

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Thanks Tess aka the black Pat Butcher! Ohhh Tess you know that’s going to be your new nickname lol!

Part 2: Will be out tomorrow!!

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