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Weekend away in Herefordshire

1st August 2014

Last weekend I went on a long weekend to Herefordshire with a bunch of girls to celebrate a friend’s Hen. We hired a cottage off the beaten track and filled the weekend with good food, dirty cocktails, a buff butler and a whole load of hen related games. Out of the hundred and fifty odd pics these few are the only ones I can get away with sharing! and seeing as I’m a posing dunce I’m glad new blogger Tess (will be posting details of her blog soon) directed me in a few pics of me on the Sun.

photo (54) Our home for the weekend.

photo (52) I got a Mask of Zorro thing going on here lol!

photo (51)

hen 2 Cider tasting.

photo (57)Serious gastro pub overload- ate way too much over the weekend!

Hen 1Not tools for torture- time for cocktail making woo hoo!

photo (53)The walking pose as directed by Tess! lol

photo (50)

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