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Homemade Diwali Cards: How to guide

11th Nov 2012

11th Nov 2012

My favourite time of year is upon us- Diwali!!! It’s a time of festivities, family, fireworks and FOOD! This how-to-post is inspired by the craft Queen, Momtaz Begum-Hossain’s post on decorative cards. I’ve added the Diyas to my cards to make them more Diwali-esque and assure you the cards are super easy and inexpensive to make. So whether you’re looking for a project for the kids or fancy getting a little ‘crafty’ yourself, give it a go!

What you will need

Pack of blank cards and envelopes

Photocopies of saris or anything with Indian motifs (red/green/gold are good festive colours to go for and will make your cards stand out)

A sheet of gold paper (I cut up a gold gift bag I had lying around instead)

A pack of bindis

Glue stick & scissors

Optional extras – sequins/gems (tip; this is a perfect way to use up beads from a broken piece of costume jewellery)

Step One – draw a pic of a Diya.

Step Two – photocopy your drawing and then cut one on the Diyas into four shapes as shown on the right side of the pic. These four piece become your templates to draw around

Step Three – cut out one of the sari photocopies so it covers the front of your card and glue on to the card.

Step Four – using the templates in step two, draw around and cut the pieces from the patterned paper. Use the gold paper for the flame shape.

Step Five – Stick down the four shapes on to the card

Step Six – Add a bindi in and around the flame and optional extra is to add a few gold sequins around…and that’s it. DONE!

Here’s some other examples I made mixing up the fabrics. I also made a few paisley designs. Again just make a template of a paisley and then put together in exactly the same way.

And for more craft ideas from Momtaz, check out her new book 101+ Things To Do With Glitter.

Hope you all have a wonderful Diwali and a happy New Year! : ) xxx

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