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The Asian Fashion Journal meets…..Square Circle design

A key reason for starting this blog was to highlight the work of exciting designers and creatives that have an Asian connection. Designers that are either influenced by the sub-continents rich creative history or by its contemporary culture. (and no I don’t mean clichéd filmi poster bag designers)

Square Circle design is one such duo. I met Archana and Mala, the Mother and Daughter behind Square Circle at a recent charity event where they showcased their stunning collection.

1. Describe SquareCircle in a sentence.

Being a SquareCircle means you never have to fit into a mould.

2.What’s the story behind the label?

It all started when Archana was creating some nursery decorations for her first grand child. Nirmala got inspired by the little Bankura Horse drawings which are Indian tribal toys that Archana was painting, that these would be beautiful on scarves. So the first scarf was born!

3. Describe the design process and your key influences

We love animals. So the Bankura Horse became the theme for the first collection we designed. We then included the Horse motif in various guises: from the ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty Horse, to the more pop art inspired photographic styled images of famous races horses and we continue the Horse Theme with the St. Marco Square Horses in Venice as well as the Princely Horses of India.
The essence of what we do is that we keep changing our style as we are influenced and inspired. We are Chameleons, so we are ever changing and never held captive in trends. We are constantly evolving!

4. Who are SquareCircle Pieces designed for?

We design our pieces for both women and men. The design can appeal to whoever is drawn to it. We design for people who love colour, quality and enjoy being unique and different.

5.What Style Icons would you like to see wear your scarves?

We love people who have the courage to be themselves and be adventurous even outrageous! – irrespective of fashion and trend. People like Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, David Bailey, The Duchess of Alba, Audrey Tatou, Charlotte Rampling, and there are many more…

6. Where are the scarves available to buy?

Currently, we’re really honoured to have a “royal warrant” with the Royal House of Udaipur as our scarves and shawls are stocked by the Princess Bhargavi Mewar’s luxury boutique Aashka, located in Jaipur and Udaipur. We are also at Cowley Manor Boutique, voted one of Britain’s best luxury Boutiques by Vogue. After the success of several charity auctions, where we donated scarves, such as the one held by the Kings Troop in St. Johns Wood in June ’11 where our Tang Horse Maroon was snapped up for about £1000 and the Diva Horse went for about £400, we were inundated with calls from private buyers who missed out on purchasing these stunning scarves at the auction. Though we do not sell online, we’re always very touched when people contact us directly and we always make a special effort to accommodate them.

7. What are the label plans for 2012?

We have launched a line targeting the stylish man, which we are sure, the women will love too! We’ve been developing our diffusion line, SquareCircle1961 to be aimed at the stylish younger crowd.

There’s also a secret project in the pipeline…stay tuned!!!

Thanking Archana and Mala for the interview and I think their next stop should be Liberty Scarf Lounge!

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