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VV Brown Secret Gig

19th April 2013

After a loooooonnnnng two year absence, the one and only VV Brown performed an intimate gig in Shoreditch last week. Billed as a secret gig we were two of the lucky hundred that got a chance to enjoy VV perform some new material in an intimate setting. Her new sound is more mature and defined- the indie pop girl (who we loved) has evolved into a darker, electronic mistress (who we still love) VV looked super hot rocking the crop tee and white on white trend and as soon as she came on stage the atmosphere was electric- the lighting, the band, the dj, her voice, her presence, the crowd all melting together.

1 vv brown instagramImage Credit: VV Brown Instagram

2 vv brown instagram make upImage Credit: VV Brown Instagram

3 vv brown band instagramThe rehearsal- Image Credit: VV Brown Instagram

4 photoThe crowd- yep it really was an intimate gig!

5 photo (3)

6 photo (4)

She ended the set with the single All About She- ft. VV Brown- Bullet which I think is out now…

and her first single ‘Samson’ from her new album – will be out in July.

Images: My own unless otherwise stated

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