Anita Dongre New Bridal Showroom: WOW!

25th April 2012

How stunning is Anita Dongre’s new showroom? Get me on a plane now!!! I’ve really been struggling to find all my Bridal outfits (the Hindu ceremony is with the capable hands of Mira Taylor but the rest I’m just CLUELESS about!) I’ve picked up the latest issues of Asiana and Viya and I liked NOTHING- well I liked bits and pieces but nothing made me think wow- that’s the one I want. Overall I just found the styles featured a little too bling tastic for me and going to India regularly has spoiled me as a lot of the U.K stores are a little slow in catching up with the new trends. Saying that I probably haven’t scratched the surface of what’s out there and I just need to go visit some more stores – or better still get on a plane! (the reason I’ve been a little reluctant of buying Bridal wear in India is that – ready wear doesn’t always work for me, I’m 5’9 (A giant in Asian girl terms!) and I think if I were to get something made I’d want to be there for the full duration in order for fittings and basically to chase the designer to get things done on time and correctly! (I’ve worked in fashion with Indian factories and learnt the lesson ages ago that to get things done you have to chase, chase, chase!) Well looking at the pics I may just have to go over for a few months- such STUNNING pieces!!!

Love, love, love the peach and pink lenghas!

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2 thoughts on “Anita Dongre New Bridal Showroom: WOW!

  1. Alina says:

    Oh my God is amazing!! Can’t wait to visit and review it!

    indian bridal wear

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