Blog Crush: Jade Bangle

12th June 2012

I have a HUGE blog crush on Jade Bangle by Nithya Sugumar. A follow by her led me to her blog where my love story with Jade Bangle began! In her own words Nithya started the blog as

“a platform to introduce and appreciate new talents in fashion from around the world and their takes on fashion. I do not believe nor do I follow trends. My inspirations and posts on this blog are quite all over the place. Usually involving colors, prints, patterns and styles of various cultures, ethnic groups and countries, including Congo, Bombay, Kuwait, Barbados, Sri Lanka and many more”

I love the eclectic mix of designers she chooses to feature and the beautiful way she puts together images each post becomes a magical visual treat. I especially enjoy her ‘Just a fix’ category where she selects a topic and creates a mood board around the theme. Here are some lush examples.

Nithya’s Just a Fix // No. 5 ‘Heels’

Nithya’s Just a Fix // No. 6 ‘Neons’

Nithya’s Just a Fix //No. 3 ‘Fascination with print’

Nithya’s Just a Fix // No. 6 ‘African Males’

And kindly Nithya agreed to do a ‘Just a Fix’ post for The Asian Fashion Journal and my brief was India (well, what else did you expect!!!) and yep I LOVEEEEE it! Enjoy and follow the Jade Bangle NOW!

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