Spotlight: Rajni Perera

23rd July 2013

Procrastinating (yep, surfing the internet instead of working) led me to the work of Rajni Perera. Her website bio reads…

“I am a Toronto-based artist whose work floats in the space between Western and Immigrant culture. Blending the visual languages of ethnography, archaeology, astronomy and the indexical sciences, the work becomes a record of impossible discoveries and mythical creations.”

and I’m a fan of her latest work the ‘Maharani’ prints series in which she adds a pop art spin to sepia portrait prints transforming her Maharanis into mythical creatures. See if you can spot a familiar face.

Maharanis by Rajni PereraImage of her studio space.

Maharanis by Rajni Perera 2

Maharanis by Rajni Perera 3

Maharanis by Rajni Perera 4Yep, its Monica Dogra

Maharanis by Rajni Perera 1

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Rajni Perera

  1. craftymadre says:

    Wow! This collection is beautiful!

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