Marbella : Sept 2014

15th Nov 2014

Way back in Sept Mum, Sis and I went for a long week in Marbella. Not just a chance for some R&R and family time-we were actually there to look at wedding venues for my sis. Her Civil will be in Blighty but the big fat Indian wedding bit is going to be abroad. Here are some pics from the trip. My sis actually decided against Marbs for the Indian wedding. So the search continues…

photo (70)

photo (69)

photo (80)

photo (71)

photo (72)

photo (73)

photo (79)I LOVE the pic above. This guy was posing all around the pool and his poor mum had to take pic after pic.

photo (78)

photo (75)

photo (77)

photo (74)

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