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Anushree Reddy Lakme Fashion Week 15 & Her Top Bridal Tips

3rd April 2015

I am a an Anushree fan girl. I loveee her work. Yes, her work is really obvious and lacks the creative depth and flair of the Rahul Mishra’s of the world…BUT WHO CARES!!! Sometimes you need obvious, you need pretty, you need pastels, you need florals, you need youthful, and you need super girly! and her collections have them all in spades.

I was in the Aza Altamount store for a fitting of one of her Anarkali’s. This crazy auntie gee comes over and starts swooning over it and says to me can you take it off I want my daughter to try it on. So I told the crazy lady too late I’ve already bought it- she doesn’t listen and she says that’s fine let my daughter try it on and take that one and you can place an order….errmmm no way Jose!!! See how much love people have over Anushree’s sugar and spice! (and how crazy Indian aunties are!) lol!

Anyway back to the post and to the yummy pics of her recent #RoyalCourtyard collection.

anushree reddy 1

anushree reddy 2

AR 3

anushree reddy 3

anushree reddy 4

AR 2

anushree reddy 5

AR 1

anushree reddy 6

I also had a brief chat with her at the Aashni & Co Wedding show in Jan and asked her for her top three tips for Brides….

Firstly, I think a lot of people go with what they think they are supposed to wear. I wore pink for my wedding opposed to red because that’s what I liked. Basically I think its very important to stick to what you like.

Secondly, I think its important to go heavy I think a lot of people say don’t over do it- but its your wedding you’re getting married once so you might as well dress up and go all out. I wouldn’t advise diluting a garment- you wouldn’t want to be looking like a guest on your wedding! Go all out!

Thirdly get your make up and hair right. It makes a big difference and really finishes a look. So get that right and you’re set.

FullSizeRender (33)

Also I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of the Anushree’s social media especially all the behind the scenes shots.

Image Credit: Anushree Reddy Instagram

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