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Vietnam Part Three: Nha Trang

5th March 2013

Our third and final stop in Vietnam was the coastal town of Nha Trang. We were after complete R&R for our last few days and we got it in spades at the stunning Vinpearl Luxury resort. Vinpearl is in fact an island off Nha Trang that’s home to two hotels- Vinpearl and Vinpearl Luxury as well as Vinpearl Land (a HUGE amusement park with a water park, aquarium, entertainment shows and rides) and Vinpearl Golf. I’m a fairly new golfer so didn’t feel confident playing on the rather slick Vinpearl course but my mum and sis did and they loved it! We also saw a few local sights while we were there- Po Ngar Cham Towers and the Long Son Pagoda. If you’re after some good Indian food we’d recommend you try out the Sheraton for dinner, there is a talented Nepalese chef who wowed us with his cooking. And on the flip side a restaurant to avoid is the Evason Ana Mandara. The setting is beautiful and at £50 a head we were expecting some amazing food and instead we got the worst meal of our whole trip. Just incredibly bland food- AVOID!

1 vinpearl luxuy 1Yep, this bad boy took guests back and forth from Nha Trand to Vinpearl Luxury. It only took ten mins and was available every fifteen mins

2 vinpearl luxury 2Talk about picture postcard! The private beach

3 vinpearl luxury 3

4 vinpearl luxury 4

5 vinpearl luxury 5The huts where the Spa treatments took place- I had a yum facial and reflexology treatments

6 vipearl luxury 6

7 vp nha trang 1Long Son Pagoda

8 vp nha trang 2

9 vp nha trang 3Po Nagar Cham Towers

10 vp nha trang 4

11 vp nha trang 5Yellow flowers were out everywhere to mark the festival of Tet

12 vp nha trang 5.5

13 vp nha trang 6Fishing boats. As you’d expect of a coastal town- the seafood was delicious.

14Me in my fav new costume from Asos



17The daftest yet most enjoyable read I’ve had in ages ‘The hundred year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared’

18What can I say?




Aww that’s it from Vietnam

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Vietnam Part Two: Ho Chi Minh City

25th Feb 2013

Our second stop in Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh City (formerly know as Saigon) I preferred Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, there was more of a buzz and energy to the place. On the first day of sightseeing we opted for the cyclo tour which was a wonderful way to see the place, stopping off at the key sites with our guide. We visited the Reunification Palace, the War Museum, a Buddhist Temple and the old Post Office. We visited the Cu Chi tunnels on the next day which was an area outside the city where the Viet Cong dug a maze of tunnels and rooms underground during the War. It was a fascinating place and there’s option to crawl through a tunnel if you want (yep, crawl- the tunnels were tiny even though they’ve been widened for tourists!)

saigon 1My sis and I on our cyclo’s- she’s in the left pic. I look like a kid in a pushchair!

saigon 2In amongst the traffic

saigon 3The Reunification Palace

saigon 4The Reunification Palace

Where we stayed: Rex Hotel- The Rex was the original luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and is home to all the major European fashion stores from Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. I don’t think you could call it a luxury hotel any more, in fact I don’t think there’s been a refurb since its 1970’s heyday but saying that I found the kitch interiors and the ‘Faulty Towers’ type employees rather charming!

saigon 5Outside the War Museum

saigon 6Indian Propaganda poster

saigon 7Cuban posters

saigon 8At the Buddhist Temple

saigon 9

Where we ate: There’s a lot more choice of restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City our fav place was Givral in District One, the food was delicious esp the deserts and it’s a great place to people watch.

saigon 10The Old Post Office

saigon 11Inside the Post Office with a poster of Ho Chi Minh

saigon 12Flowers were everywhere as people started to decorate for Tet festival

saigon 13Me posing in a tunnel although its huge compared to the original tunnels which I refused to pose in- a girl no more than a UK size 12 got stuck and the guards had to pull her out!) the other pic shows how rice paper is made

Next Stop: Vinpearl Luxury, on the island of Vinpearl off the coast of Nha Trang- blog post coming soon

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Vietnam Part One: Hanoi

19th Feb 2013

If any you follow me on twitter, you might have spotted a tweet or two while I was on holiday- yep, it was a lot of the ‘Gooddd morning Vietnam’ variety! Not quite original I know! It was a -Mum, Sis and me hol- which has become a yearly thing. With our family dynamic already changing since I moved in with the boy, it has become our way to keep close. Last year we went on a Holy Land cruise (I never got round to posting the pics!) and this year we went to Vietnam.

Hanoi, the capital was our first stop in Vietnam and my one word to describe the city is – bleak.

hanoi 1 Room with a view

Hanoi 2 Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Hanoi 3

Hanoi 4Inside Ho Chi Minh Residence- take a look at the pics hanging up.

What we saw: We booked a private guide through our hotel and saw Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh’s Residence & the Temple of Literature with her. We went to see St Joseph’s Cathedral, Opera House, West Lake and shops in the Old Quarter by ourselves.

Hanoi 5Tapestry like needlework

Hanoi 6Bicycle display at the Museum of Ethnology.

Hanoi 7Some traditional ethnic costumes at the Museum (loving the Pom poms!)

Hanoi 8Shrine by the West Lake

Where we stayed: Hanoi Elegance Diamond Hotel. This boutique hotel is a real gem, fantastic location (its five minute walk from the West Lake) great room and exceptional service.

Hanoi 9Some of the decorations for the Tet festival (New Year)

Hanoi 10 vietnamtravelonline street foodPavements in Hanoi are for street food stalls not for pedestrians! image credit Vietnam Travel Online

Hanoi 11Colourful Basket/Masks

Where we ate: Koto restaurant by the Temple of Literature. Sofitel in the French quarter & Da Paolo Italian restaurant. All of the above were great places to eat. The street food culture in Vietnam is very big but my Mum’s a vegetarian (A fussy one too!) so it wasn’t an option for us. And I have to add a place to avoid- the Green Tangerine -well I’d recommend going for a drink in the courtyard because it’s a pretty place but don’t eat there. The food is terrible!

Hanoi 12Pretty paper cut postcards/cards

Hanoi 13Vietnamese Lacquer work

Hanoi 14Some vintage propaganda posters

Although I wasn’t a big fan of Hanoi, it’s an important stop in travelling around Vietnam. Many visitors travel to Sapa, Mekong Delta and Halong Bay from Hanoi (all are a few hours away) we didn’t though- out next stop was Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon)

Part two is coming up soon….

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