Vietnam Part Three: Nha Trang

5th March 2013

Our third and final stop in Vietnam was the coastal town of Nha Trang. We were after complete R&R for our last few days and we got it in spades at the stunning Vinpearl Luxury resort. Vinpearl is in fact an island off Nha Trang that’s home to two hotels- Vinpearl and Vinpearl Luxury as well as Vinpearl Land (a HUGE amusement park with a water park, aquarium, entertainment shows and rides) and Vinpearl Golf. I’m a fairly new golfer so didn’t feel confident playing on the rather slick Vinpearl course but my mum and sis did and they loved it! We also saw a few local sights while we were there- Po Ngar Cham Towers and the Long Son Pagoda. If you’re after some good Indian food we’d recommend you try out the Sheraton for dinner, there is a talented Nepalese chef who wowed us with his cooking. And on the flip side a restaurant to avoid is the Evason Ana Mandara. The setting is beautiful and at £50 a head we were expecting some amazing food and instead we got the worst meal of our whole trip. Just incredibly bland food- AVOID!

1 vinpearl luxuy 1Yep, this bad boy took guests back and forth from Nha Trand to Vinpearl Luxury. It only took ten mins and was available every fifteen mins

2 vinpearl luxury 2Talk about picture postcard! The private beach

3 vinpearl luxury 3

4 vinpearl luxury 4

5 vinpearl luxury 5The huts where the Spa treatments took place- I had a yum facial and reflexology treatments

6 vipearl luxury 6

7 vp nha trang 1Long Son Pagoda

8 vp nha trang 2

9 vp nha trang 3Po Nagar Cham Towers

10 vp nha trang 4

11 vp nha trang 5Yellow flowers were out everywhere to mark the festival of Tet

12 vp nha trang 5.5

13 vp nha trang 6Fishing boats. As you’d expect of a coastal town- the seafood was delicious.

14Me in my fav new costume from Asos



17The daftest yet most enjoyable read I’ve had in ages ‘The hundred year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared’

18What can I say?




Aww that’s it from Vietnam

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