Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

25th Sept 2012

I’ve been off the blog radar this last week as I’ve had two family weddings in Sept (one is continuing this week/weekend). I needed a couple of days just to sort all my saris, outfits, jewellery & bangles. I don’t exactly know when it happened but it’s become the norm for guests to change throughout the day and this has meant for one cousin’s wedding events I actually need(ed) SEVEN outfits/saris. All you Indian readers are like pah! Seven changes that’s nothing! Well it sent me into a mini-panic, I had to get the notebook out (yep did consider doing an excel spreadsheet) to list what’s being worn when and with what. Then I needed a day at the beauticians getting eyebrows and mani/pedi done. I’m telling you boys have it sooooo easy! I know I sound like I’m moaning but I do love all the pre-prep, its all part of the wedding fun and I certainly had a lot of that over the weekend. I have two days off (the events continue from Thurs) and I can’t be bothered to do anything! So I’m sat looking through the photos on my camera and I came across my pics from the Savoy and thought its time I share them! It was a yummy affair in a stunning environment- a perfect Mother and Daughters outing. I could do with a slice of that Victoria Sponge right now (and a glass of champagne wouldn’t hurt either!)

I’d rate the Afternoon Tea at the Savoy as one of the best in London (def better than Fortnum & Mason)

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2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

  1. steffzworld says:

    Looks amazing! think I need to go. 🙂

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