Manish Malhotra Store Review & My Manish Civil Ceremony Lengha

7th August 2014

I recently posted My Mumbai Wedding Shopping Guide and thought I’d follow up with some individual store reviews. First up is Manish Malhotra. He has two flagship stores opposite each other (address’ are below). One is for full on Bridal yuminess and the other houses his diffusion ranges. I was looking for something lighter to wear for my Civil Ceremony (I didn’t want a Western Wedding Gown) so choose a beauty of an Ivory Lengha from his diffusion store. Actually my Mum and Sis choose it and made me try it on. I was reluctant to buy another Lengha and had it in my mind that I’d buy an Ivory sari. My thinking was- if I buy a sari I’d prob wear it again.

Manish Malhotra, The Asian Fashion Journal, Nina Patel, WEdding, Lengha, Shaadi, MumbaiPic of the Diffusion Store via Manish Malhotra Facebook

Well they got me in it and that’s when I fell in love with the Lengha. Plus the sales assistant said I can get a Sari made to match the blouse as well as get an embroidered or embellished body made to wear with the skirt and Duppatta making it look like a gown! She said its what lots of customers do and when we met our tailor a couple of days later he said the same. Well you learn something new everyday hey? (or does this just show how clueless us NRI brides are!)

manish malhotra, India, Fashion, Shaadi, Wedding, Lengha, Sari, A snap I took before we left the store so I remembered what I’d ordered!

We asked if the sample could be adjusted so we could take it back with us and the asst measured away and said it could be possible but it wouldn’t be comfortable for me in the armhole and it would be much better to get a fresh made to measure piece done. Like I’ve said previously after hearing so many horror stories of brides ordering pieces while in India only to receive ill fitting outfits posted over I was a little reluctant but as it was only one order we thought we’d take the risk. Also we paid by credit card- hey you never know its better to have that security in case you things do go wrong and you need to dispute the charge.

manish malhotra, India, Fashion, Shaadi, Wedding, Lengha, Sari, Detail of the gorgeous thread work

We were given a delivery date and told to expect a phone call a few days prior to re-confirm delivery address. And guess what? Mansi rang us like she said she would when she said she would and the package came over on time.

The blouse fit was like a second skin, shaping and lifting in all the right places (if you know what I mean) even though it was essentially a tiny blouse. The skirt was really loose on me although I think that was down to the upping of pre wedding workouts- I had to get my tailor over here to adjust the skirt.

From the experience I had of shopping from the store I’d highly recommend shopping at Manish Malhotra. I would happily order made to measure pieces from the store in the future (just got to wait for my sis wedding now!)

Manish Malhotra, Real Bride, Wedding, Shaadi, Lengha, The Asian Fashion Journal, Nina Patel I’ve cropped my Hubs out as well as my head. As much as I’m fine with sharing pics of me normally- I’m just not as comfortable sharing my wedding pics.

Showroom no 3/4/5 Vishnudham CHS,
Corner of 14th Road & Linking Road,
Khar West, Mumbai 400 052
T: +91 22 26050723 / 26050724
M: +91 9987719978 / 9167982755

Showroom no 3/4/5 Vishnudham CHS,
Corner of 14th Road & Linking Road,
Khar West, Mumbai 400 052
T: +91 22 26054674/ 26053673
M: +91 9821222355 / 9833946835

Of course he has plenty more stores across India- Here’s a link to the full list.

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16 thoughts on “Manish Malhotra Store Review & My Manish Civil Ceremony Lengha

  1. Yasmin says:

    This is SO nice Nina. You look stunning. Love the sleeves of the top!


    • Thanks Yasmin!

      My mum bought a gorgeous neon colour block sari from him for my reception too. His clothes just make you feel amazing and the fitting was soooo good! I actually preferred wearing this lengha over my Sabyasachi bridal lengha ( that was to do with the the really ill fitting blouse the tailor at Aashni & Co made- I’ll post more on that later! ) fitting is everything!!!

  2. hans says:

    You looked lovely in this lengha and in all your wedding outfits : )

  3. SB says:

    Do you mind me asking about the price of the lengha? I’m really interested to know the price difference between just say a manish malhotra lengha from aashni and co to say his lengha in his store in India, would you say it’s significantly cheaper? I’m asking as a non-indian who wouldn’t know where to start shopping in India and wondering if a safer bet would be to purchase a lengha here? (I know the options are limited)

    • If you email me on I’ll let you know what I paid for the lengha. It’s def cheaper than buying from stores here but you have to factor in costs of travelling and staying in India to your overall cost. If you can I would recommend going to India though because there’s SOOOOO much more choice- I’m really happy that I bought my wedding trousseau from Mumbai.

  4. stateside bride says:

    I am OBSESSED with your blog! I just got engaged and it is going to be an Indian / Military multicultural wedding and I am so lost on where to go for trousseau shopping in the states. The Manish Malhotra dress that you wore for your civil ceremony is gorgeous — do you have any idea if it’s possible to order from their store from the United States? Im currently in medical school and don’t know when I’ll get enough time off to go to Mumbai. Also, do you have any other recommendations for online designer bridal trousseau shopping websites that NRI brides can use?

    Keeping doing what you do!! You have such incredible taste!

    • Stateside Bride! Firstly congrats on you ENGAGEMENT!!!! and thanks for your kind comments about my blog! : )

      I would say there’s real limitations and big risks when ordering on-line (although I know its possible). I tried on the lengha in store then gave the order & their sales assistant took my measurements. The biggest risk aside from bad fitting is that you only know if the style suits you when you try it on. I had real fixed ideas on my wedding outfits before I started shopping and it turned out that what I ended up buying was completely different! and that happened because I was able to try on so many different styles.

      I would contact Manish Malhotra team via his website and enquire about upcoming U.S trunk shows. All the big designers do trunk shows outside of India and try Payal Singhal- she’s based in N.Y. Her designs are very pretty.

      Good Luck!


  5. Snoopy says:

    Hey Nina, I’m so sorry about be randomness but I came across your blog while looking for info on the BIBI store in London. I happened to see the picture if the ivory lehenga you wore to your civil ceremony.

    I’m getting married next year, and am quite confused about what to wear to my civil, hindu and reception events (all on the same day!). As yourself, I’m not going to wear a proper white dress for the civil (that’s just not me!), and I would like to imagine myself in something similar to what you had worn.

    As a fashion blogger.. Do you think you could maybe help me out on ideas a little? Also, if it’s not too much to ask would you be able I tell me what you wore for the hindu (if you had one) and reception events?

    Thanks! Any help would be muuuchhhh appreciated here!

  6. Hi Snoopy,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Yep, it can be hard to know where to start with bridal shopping!

    I wore a sari from Bibi London for my engagement, an Arpita Metha for my Mehndi, Mainsh Malhotra for my civil (above), Sabyasachi lengha for my Hindu ceremony and Varun Bahl for my reception.

    If you put those designer names in the search box at the top of my blog- you’ll be able to see what their work is like.

    Do you have a budget in mind for your wedding outfits? I can suggest some places to go to based on that.


    • Snoopy says:

      Oh wow! That sounds amazing! Your wedding pictures must be amazing with the variety of outfits :-).

      My budget is around 2k. I don’t know if that’s on the conservative side or not, but it’s what I can justify at the moment. I was actually thinking of having 2 outfits – one for the ceremonies, and the other for the evening reception (OR one for the civil and the other for the Hindu ceremony & evening reception). I’ve been looking at stuff to get an idea, but am so confused it’s just ridiculous!

  7. Hey Snoopy,

    Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been chasing the sun in Marbella!

    Both options sound great- its totally up to you how many changes you have and when. (and who says you can’t just have one outfit!)

    Just remember that U.K civil ceremonies are super short as in half an hour max! so if you do opt for something different to wear for your Civil maybe budget a smaller amount to that outfit as you won’t be in it for very long. I had my civil on a different day to the Indian wedding and had a sit down lunch after that’s why I decided to splurge because I was in it for a few hours!

    Your budget seems more than ok to me! It all depends on the style of clothes you like. The heavier the embroidery and embellishment generally means the higher the price.

    Do you have any ideas on styles you like? If there’s any styles you’ve spotted email me them though on hopefully I can suggest some place to go once I get an idea of your style. Look on the Bridal section of my blog and
    these blogs have some fab Indian bridal inspiration too…

  8. I LOVE IT!!! Fab, fab, fab! What a beautiful, elegant, classy outfit! BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to you, Nina!

    And your line up of outfits sounds like it was made by every bride’s DREAM TEAM of designers – Arpita Mehta, Sabya and Varun Bahl! You musttt send me pictures!

  9. […] Image Credit: Manish Malhotra Facebook I wore a Manish Lengha for my Civil Ceremony- more details here and my Mum has ordered a couple of tilla work outfits from his store during our recent trip to […]

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