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Vogue India Guest Blog Post: Pernia Pops in London with Masaba

22nd November 2013

Here’s a re-blog of my latest guest blog post for Vogue India. I have to say it was soooo exciting to meet the first ladies of Indian fashion! They have both achieved so much in their careers and are two of the many exciting influencers that are making contemporary Indian fashion as exciting as it is…..

Blogger Nina Patel meets two of Indian fashion’s favourite ladies putting up a flash mob-style show for their overseas audience
Pernia Qureshi and Masaba Gupta popped up at London’s Montcalm hotel on Friday night to organise a fun and fabulous flash mob to support the work of three charities — Akshaya Patra, Pratham and Women’s India Association.

I managed to get a quick chat with Pernia and Masaba before the event to find out more about it and why they decided to get involved.

“Every couple of months, Pernia’s Pop-Up hosts different events and we always make sure we connect the event with a charity. So when Roshni came to me with this idea we thought it would be a great way to support these charities and to connect with our London audience,” says Qureshi.

“Pernia’s Pop-Up has bought Masaba here to do a really fun fashion show, it’s going to be flash mob style, something different for London, and everything that is shown here will be on Pernia’s Pop Up shop tomorrow. We’re showing a mix of Masaba’s latest collection mixed with her greatest hits that people can’t get enough of, like the hand print sari.”

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A quick chat with Pernia and Masaba ahead of the event. Image: Shahid Malik.

I asked Masaba if she was aware of her UK audience.

“I know from my Twitter and my Insta feed how many people are buying my label and from where. Since we stock at Pernia’s Pop-Up, we know the response the clothes are getting and that London girls are fans of the label.”

sonam kapoor, fashion flash mob, pernia quereshi, pernia's pop up, masaba gupta,

Masaba and Pernia, the key sponsor of the evening. Image: Shahid Malik.

I also asked Pernia how important the international market is for Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop.

“Very important,” says Qureshi. “I have always said our USP is that we are an Indian design platform for a global audience. Eventually, I want some unknown schoolgirl in Japan to being wearing Masaba. That’s my vision. I want people all over the world to know about Indian design because we have so much talent. We are so good at what we do that it’s a pity not enough people know about it.”

We also talked about how important it is for Pernia to be supporting new design talent and the fact that she is always looking out for new labels that haven’t had a platform in the past, like Ridhi Mehra, to add to the site.

Pernia said that new additions to the site will include footwear label Saint G and an ethnic label Malasa, which she’s excited about.

The event was sold out. Here are some pictures from the night.


Pernia in front of her Pernia’s Pop-Up box installation with real models and mannequins. Image: Shahid Malik.

The event was sold out. Image: Shahid Malik

sonam kapoor, fashion flash mob, pernia quereshi, pernia's pop up, masaba gupta,

Backstage. Image: Shahid Malik.

sonam kapoor, fashion flash mob, pernia quereshi, pernia's pop up, masaba gupta,

The flash mob. Image: Shahid Malik.



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Pernia Qureshi: India’s Super Stylist launches pop up shop

14th April 2012

Super Stylist Pernia Qureshi launches e-pop-up shop. www.perniaspopupshop.com The online shop boasts a selection of the hottest Indian talent with many designers specially creating pieces for the site. (designers include Masaba Gupta, Anamika Khanna, Rita Kumar, Shehla Khan and celebrated jeweller Mahesh Bharany) Pernia is credited with transforming Sonam Kapoor’s style and the stunning styling of the film Aisha (the film might have been a dud but the styling was amazing!) so here’s the place to get a piece of her effortlessly chic style.

Pernia has also dipped her toe into design and the pieces are as expected romantic yet classic in a N.Y less is more kinda way. She models her designs above with her sister.

The prices were a surprise- dresses, blouses and trousers were more in line with Reiss pricing rather than designer prices you’d expect. Only the sari’s and anarkali’s headed north of £200.

Here’s my top three pieces from the site. Yep, I’m having a monochrome moment! They’re ohhh soooo pretty!!! From L-R Ritu Kumar, Varun Bahl, Anamika Khanna

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