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23rd January 2015

I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing Sonam Kapoor’s Dolly Ki Doli this month. Her character in the film is a con artist who marries different men and then runs away with their money- So that’s a whole lot of weddings outfits in one film- fash overload!!! not that I’m complaining, it’ll be the main reason I go to see the film. The posters show her in a stunning blue Anita Dongre lengha as well as a mint and coral Jade lengha but the outfits in the Babaji Ka Thullu are OMG. She looks Amazeballs in Manish Arora and her male co-stars look pretty good too.

Dolly Ki Dolli Anita Anita Dongre Lengha

Dolly Ki Doli Jade Lengha Jade Lengha

Dolly ki Doli Babaji Ka Thullu Manish Arora

Manish Arora Indian Couture Week 2014 via Bridal AsiaAdore this Manish Arora lengha- in fact the whole Indian by Manish Arora @ India Couture Week 2014 were all stunning.

I’m sure I’ll be back with a Dolly Ki Doli Promo watch post soon…

Image Credit: Youtube & Dolly Ki Doli Facebook

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GLOWWBOX review part 2

10th January 2015

Here’s part two of the Glowwbox December Box review- this time its all about how the Brown Girl aka Moi got on. For a start regular readers will know I’m a self confessed make-up dunce. So I like the idea of a beauty box service that provides an edit of the best products that work for my skin tone. I had given the Motions hair products and the Bellapierre shimmer to Tess and was left with Mehron Mascara, Inlight-Super Food Face Mask and Lord & Berry lipsticks.

FullSizeRender (1)

I loved the Lord & Berry lipstick and the Mehron Mascara. The lippy is a really flattering glossy nude and the mascara was a really deep intense black. The face mask is still untouched but I’m saving it for when I get a window of pamper time!

FullSizeRender (4) Copying what the BBloggers do- the holding of the lipstick shot!

Lord & BerryScreenshot of the pic I tweeted with the lippy on. The reply I got from a follower is quite possibly the funniest tweet I’ve ever got! LOLLL!

The picture isn’t that clear and it looks more subtle than the lipstick actually was- it’s a deeper pinky brown nude than the pic shows. I’m thinking its time I get a proper camera instead of my camera phone.

I do think the Glowwbox service is fab. For £15 a month there’s an array of products in each box and its great to be introduced to products that I don’t normally hear of. Suggestions for the Glowwbox team would be to aim products depending on subscriber. The Afro- Caribbean Motions product were great for Tess but not me. And I’d really like to see videos or blog posts that show how to use some of the products. Tess and I didn’t really know the best way to apply the shimmer and a tutorial would have been great.

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Glowwbox Facebook


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GLOWWBOX Review Part 1

9th January 2015

I’m kicking off the new year with a beauty post reviewing Glowwbox! Glowwbox is a beauty box subscription service that describes itself as…

a luxury beauty package of some of the best in beauty suitable for women with darker skin tones.

Opening the beautifully packaged box I found an array of gorgeous goodies! After having a read of the products I decided to enlist the help of my friend Tess from afrotee_tee. I thought seeing as the two full sized products- The Motions hair product is aimed at Afro- Carribean women. It would be good to get Tess to review them. I also gave her the Bellapierre- Mineral Eye Shadow, Celebration to check out too.

Here’s how she got on with the products. Full details on how to subscribe to Glowwbox are below.


First product I tried out was what we both described as the “glitter stuff”. It’s a little pot of gold dust by Bellàpierre cosmetics, and to be honest with you I was skeptical of trying this out as it was “glitter stuff” and I didn’t want to look like a black Pat Butcher on bad day, not only that, unless I was having a ditzy moment ( and I do have a few) I didn’t know if this was eye shadow or highlighter or a body shimmer! None the less I gave it a go. Making sure I applied this stuff in the bathroom so my cream carpets were not marked gold, I was pleasantly surprised at how much power was on my eye brush but not a lot on my eyes. I found the more I blended the product in the less I saw of it. For something so shimmery I thought the opposite would have happened. As I was going to work I only applied to the tear ducts, subtle yet effective and off to work I went.

tess 1

The next time I decided to wear Bellàpierre cosmetics “glitter stuff” was on my 12th year anniversary with hubby (we have only been married for 4months, but together for 12) anyway I piled it on my eyes. Same effect happened the more I blended it in the more I felt it disappeared slightly, and the more glitter I found on my face rather than eyelids. I decided this time to apply it all over the lid with a black liner which I found helped protrude the colour a bit. In my bathroom light it looked too much but I rolled with it and went out. In the bathroom light of the restaurant it doesn’t look as bright but I liked the look. Overall as a choice of eyeshadow I’m not sure I like this colour as it didn’t give the pop that I thought it would, whether it being the way I applied it or due to my complexion! I wouldn’t mind trying out something brighter – I may just Ms Butcher a run for her money bless her fully covered lids!

tess 2

The other products I tried were two hair products from the Motions range. Since deciding to go natural in 2012 (that’s no chemicals to permanently straighten) I have become what’s known in the natural hair community as a “product junkie”. So to say I was excited to try these hair products, was an understatement.
The first was the naturals textures moisturizing cleanser. I had been wearing my hair in a weave (a protective style, less stress on my hair and easier to maintain) and decided to take it out during the xmas period to give my scalp a breather… Amen!

tess 4

Cleansers are less harsher than shampoos as they don’t usually contain sulfates that can strip hair of its oils, but do the same thing as a shampoo. There are many blogs and sites that speak about the difference between shampoos and cleansers so you can have a read in your spare time. Anywho – I found this cleanser great for my hair! If my hair hadn’t been in a weave for so long yuck, one lather would have been enough, I ended up washing my hair twice. My hair felt clean and my scalp was rid of all the build- up! Scalp and hair freee yay!!!

I then followed up with the natural textures deep conditioning masque! As a deep conditioner goes this was very runny and not as thick or creamy as other conditioners I have used before. Smelled nice and not to heavy so I wasn’t worried about my hair smelling like tutti fruity chewits! My hair didn’t feel covered like it does with others and I found that I was applying more and more of the conditioner onto my hair, by the time I looked in the container I realised that I could have potentially finished the lot in one go… not good. I left the conditioner in for half an hour with no heat . Once I washed it out my hair was soft and manageable and I was impressed. Still wasn’t sure if this was down to the amount I put in or just the fact the product did its thing. I still have some left so ill be applying it again but sparingly.

Look out for me on instagram: afrotee_tee where you can see my length check progress styles… my journey basically. Hopefully if I’m good I may be here again!
See ya’s laters!!

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Thanks Tess aka the black Pat Butcher! Ohhh Tess you know that’s going to be your new nickname lol!

Part 2: Will be out tomorrow!!

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Think Pink Cancer Charity Ball @ Newland Manor

11th December 2014

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Think Pink Charity Ball at Newland Manor. I’d never been to the venue before but presumed since it was kinda near my old school I’d get there ok. Umm nope with an eerie fog descending I followed my tom tom round in circles through country roads or should I say tracks. I had to fall back on the classic – follow the car with Indian people to get to the venue!. So I rocked up an hour late because of my off road experience.

As soon as I entered the think pink magic was sprinkled all through the venue. The lighting, candles, flowers and decor set the tone for the evening. After cocktails and canapes guests were ushered into the main marquee for dinner and the catwalk show. Here are some pics from the evening…

photo (81)My blurry camera phone pic

photo (84)

photo (82)Dinner is served!

photo (83)The view from my table.

shyamal and bhumika think pink 2 Shyamal & Bhumika I loved all the Tinaya jewellery and will update the post with their contact link when I get it.

Shyamal and bhumika think pink 1Shyamal & Bhumika

Shyamal and bhumika think pink3Shyamal & Bhumika

Umar Sayeed think pink1 Umar Sayeed

_DSC1015 Umar Sayeed

The money raised was donated across three charities- Cancer Research UK, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Pakistan and Indian Cancer Society, India.

Media partners were ARY & Sony Sab.

Event Managed & Produced by: Hajira Ahmad @ EBH

Fashion Show Credits:
Designer: Shyamal Bhumika
Jewelry: Tinaya

Designer: Umar Sayeed
Jewelry By: Opulence
Styling by: Nyla Ramji

Make up & hair by: Jawaad Ashraf & Team
Photography by: Shahid Malik
Fashion Against Cancer Credits:
Jewellery: Amishi London
Shoes: Kari C
Make up & hair by: Zaynab Mirza @ Provoke Cosmetics
Nails by: Nazila
Styling by: Nyla Ramji
Photography by: Shahid Malik

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Marbella : Sept 2014

15th Nov 2014

Way back in Sept Mum, Sis and I went for a long week in Marbella. Not just a chance for some R&R and family time-we were actually there to look at wedding venues for my sis. Her Civil will be in Blighty but the big fat Indian wedding bit is going to be abroad. Here are some pics from the trip. My sis actually decided against Marbs for the Indian wedding. So the search continues…

photo (70)

photo (69)

photo (80)

photo (71)

photo (72)

photo (73)

photo (79)I LOVE the pic above. This guy was posing all around the pool and his poor mum had to take pic after pic.

photo (78)

photo (75)

photo (77)

photo (74)

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Spotlight: Rahul Mishra

30th Nov 2014

I haven’t covered the recent fashion weeks on my blog and have decided to share my favourite S/s 15 collection instead. Yep, out of the hundreds on shows there was one that made me ooohhhh and ahhhhh way more than the others. The show in question was Rahul Mishra’s S/s 15 collection @ Paris Fashion Week. Fashionistas in the know will already know that Mishra won the coveted International Woolmark Prize 2013/14. His work is just breathtaking. The way he champions the work and heritage of Indian handlooms and weavers and combines with sleek silhouettes really does bring a new meaning to luxury.

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra, S/s 15, Paris, Fashion, india, Woolmark

Rahul Mishra 10

The video below- Rahul Mishra: A winners’ journey is a beauty. The shots showing the hand looms and the hand embroidery highlight the beauty in the craftmanship. Mishra’s success at the Woolmark competition and his subsequent Paris collection equals one hell of a proud moment in Indian Fashion Design. Long may it continue.

Images: Rahul Mishra Facebook

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Asian Fashion, Wedding & Lifestyle Bloggers Meet Up @ The Book Club : Sept 14

12th September 2014

On the Sunday just gone I organised the first UK Asian Bloggers Meet Up. Saying I organised the event is a bit of a stretch- I just sent out a few tweets and the lovely ladies below responded! I’m still soooooo surprised by the turn out. I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 bloggers might tweet back a yes but we made it to double figures! Yeah baby! there were twelve us in total.

I chose the chilled out The Book Club in Shoreditch for our meet up- where we took over a long table and turned up the noise level in the venue (apologies to the other diners!) The afternoon was so much fun, I enjoyed gossiping about the highs and lows of Asian Fashion, Weddings and Beauty with people that love the industry as much as I do! I was also super excited that Toronto based super star designer and stylist Mani J was over in London. So I invited her to the bloggers meet too.

Here’s some pics of the event and thanks to @Ashichick (Nazma’s sis who took the group pic but can be spotted in the yellow jumper below!)

asian bloggers meet up 1

asian, India, Pakistan,Fashion, Blogger, wedding, Shaadi

asian bloggers meet up

asian, India, Pakistan,Fashion, Blogger, wedding, Shaadi

From L-R we have Mani J, Rabbia, Yasmin, Kayennat, Sharn, Nazma, Me!, Nigar, Raj, Sara & Mandavi

Mani J Mani Jassal

Asian Wedding Ideas– Rabbia

Pehrani– Yasmin

The Desi Dossier– Kayennat & Nigar

Desi Bride Dreams– Sharn

Asian Fashion Blog– Nazma

Secret Wedding Blog– Raj

Sara K Blog– Sara

The Red Notebook– Mandavi

The time flew by and by 4 pm we started to say our goodbyes : ( but one things for sure we will def be meeting again. Next meet up is going to be in Brum and we are leaving it to the gorgeous The Desi Dossier sisters (I want your hair Kayennat aka Rapunzel) to pick a venue!

The meet up is open to all bloggers so if you’d like to come to the next one please contact me or any one of us bloggers on the list! I’m thinking we should aim to double the number of bloggers for the next meeting!

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Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014: Top Five finalists announced

20th August 2014

It’s time for a little more Vogue India love (hey when isn’t it a good time?!) The reason I blog about Indian fashion is because its so god damn EXCITING. Yes, I rave about Manish and Sabyasachi but its those newbies that really make me go ohhhh. Designers that are finding their own groove. Such confidence and swag don’t you think? So each Vogue around the world has a Fashion Fund where a panel pick a winner from the country’s new design talent. Prizes include some start up money, a one year business mentoring from industry experts and coverage in the style bible that is VOGUE. Vogue India’s fashion fund winner last year was Frou Frou by Archana Rao-find her latest yuminess @ Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.

Hemant & Nandita, Top Five finalists Hemant & Nandita

Ikai by Ragini Ahuja via Vogue IndiaLove these looks by Top Five Finalist Ikai by Ragini Ahuja

This years 20 finalists were- HUEMN by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Shetty, Aarti Vijay Gupta, ikai by Ragini Ahuja, Ridhi Mehra, ilk by Shikha Grover & Vinita Adhikari, Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev, 431-88 by Shweta Kapur, Sneha Arora, Urvashi Kaur, Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, Chhaya Mehrotra, Hemant and Nandita, PINNACLE by Shruti Sancheti, anavila by Anavila Misra, Mrinalini by Mrinalini Gupta, [Ka][Sha] by Karishma Shahani Khan, Divya Sheth, Bounipun by Zubair Kirmani, GaGa by Tanya Sharma, BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva

I’ve blogged about the awesome HUEMN by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Setty, Ridhi Mehra, Surendi by Yogesh Chaudharym (Ka)(Sha) by Karishma Shahani Khan & BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva. Looking forward to getting to know the work of the other finalists!

So the final five have just been announced- Hemant & Nandita, Ikai by Rajini Ahuja, (Ka) (Sha) by Karishma Shahani Khan, Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva & Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev.

Ka Sha by Karishma Shahani KhanI’ve blogged about this talented lady on the blog before here and here! Top Five finalist Karishma Shahani Khan

Bodice by Ruchika Sachdev Top Five Finalist Bodice by Ruchika Sachdev

Quirk box via Vogue India Top Five Finalists Quirk Box by Rixi Bhatia & Jayesh Sachdev.

I’m def going to be emailing some of the designers on the list to get an interview for the blog! So watch this space for more info on India’s latest design talents!

All images via Vogue India

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Manish Malhotra Store Review & My Manish Civil Ceremony Lengha

7th August 2014

I recently posted My Mumbai Wedding Shopping Guide and thought I’d follow up with some individual store reviews. First up is Manish Malhotra. He has two flagship stores opposite each other (address’ are below). One is for full on Bridal yuminess and the other houses his diffusion ranges. I was looking for something lighter to wear for my Civil Ceremony (I didn’t want a Western Wedding Gown) so choose a beauty of an Ivory Lengha from his diffusion store. Actually my Mum and Sis choose it and made me try it on. I was reluctant to buy another Lengha and had it in my mind that I’d buy an Ivory sari. My thinking was- if I buy a sari I’d prob wear it again.

Manish Malhotra, The Asian Fashion Journal, Nina Patel, WEdding, Lengha, Shaadi, MumbaiPic of the Diffusion Store via Manish Malhotra Facebook

Well they got me in it and that’s when I fell in love with the Lengha. Plus the sales assistant said I can get a Sari made to match the blouse as well as get an embroidered or embellished body made to wear with the skirt and Duppatta making it look like a gown! She said its what lots of customers do and when we met our tailor a couple of days later he said the same. Well you learn something new everyday hey? (or does this just show how clueless us NRI brides are!)

manish malhotra, India, Fashion, Shaadi, Wedding, Lengha, Sari, A snap I took before we left the store so I remembered what I’d ordered!

We asked if the sample could be adjusted so we could take it back with us and the asst measured away and said it could be possible but it wouldn’t be comfortable for me in the armhole and it would be much better to get a fresh made to measure piece done. Like I’ve said previously after hearing so many horror stories of brides ordering pieces while in India only to receive ill fitting outfits posted over I was a little reluctant but as it was only one order we thought we’d take the risk. Also we paid by credit card- hey you never know its better to have that security in case you things do go wrong and you need to dispute the charge.

manish malhotra, India, Fashion, Shaadi, Wedding, Lengha, Sari, Detail of the gorgeous thread work

We were given a delivery date and told to expect a phone call a few days prior to re-confirm delivery address. And guess what? Mansi rang us like she said she would when she said she would and the package came over on time.

The blouse fit was like a second skin, shaping and lifting in all the right places (if you know what I mean) even though it was essentially a tiny blouse. The skirt was really loose on me although I think that was down to the upping of pre wedding workouts- I had to get my tailor over here to adjust the skirt.

From the experience I had of shopping from the store I’d highly recommend shopping at Manish Malhotra. I would happily order made to measure pieces from the store in the future (just got to wait for my sis wedding now!)

Manish Malhotra, Real Bride, Wedding, Shaadi, Lengha, The Asian Fashion Journal, Nina Patel I’ve cropped my Hubs out as well as my head. As much as I’m fine with sharing pics of me normally- I’m just not as comfortable sharing my wedding pics.

Showroom no 3/4/5 Vishnudham CHS,
Corner of 14th Road & Linking Road,
Khar West, Mumbai 400 052
T: +91 22 26050723 / 26050724
M: +91 9987719978 / 9167982755

Showroom no 3/4/5 Vishnudham CHS,
Corner of 14th Road & Linking Road,
Khar West, Mumbai 400 052
T: +91 22 26054674/ 26053673
M: +91 9821222355 / 9833946835

Of course he has plenty more stores across India- Here’s a link to the full list.

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Weekend away in Herefordshire

1st August 2014

Last weekend I went on a long weekend to Herefordshire with a bunch of girls to celebrate a friend’s Hen. We hired a cottage off the beaten track and filled the weekend with good food, dirty cocktails, a buff butler and a whole load of hen related games. Out of the hundred and fifty odd pics these few are the only ones I can get away with sharing! and seeing as I’m a posing dunce I’m glad new blogger Tess (will be posting details of her blog soon) directed me in a few pics of me on the Sun.

photo (54) Our home for the weekend.

photo (52) I got a Mask of Zorro thing going on here lol!

photo (51)

hen 2 Cider tasting.

photo (57)Serious gastro pub overload- ate way too much over the weekend!

Hen 1Not tools for torture- time for cocktail making woo hoo!

photo (53)The walking pose as directed by Tess! lol

photo (50)

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